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What does the cross mean to you?
Luke 23:32-43

Disclaimer: This sermon came from ideas from Sermon Central and my own private study of the Word.

Walk quickly through the holy week events.

What is the most common religious symbol?
In the West, it is the cross.

Crosses on churches.
Crosses on jewelry.
Athletes bless themselves before an event.

It wasnít always a popular symbol. During the days of Jesus, the cross was a symbol of shame, embarrassment, a symbol of terror.
The Romans used it as a very painful way to execute criminals.
So bad that they would not execute Roman citizens because it was so shameful.
It was for slaves, robbers, rebels, assassins.

Caesar Augustus bragged about capturing 20,000 slaves, all that were not claimed were crucified before the people. Reminds you of gladiators fighting each other. Life not having much meaning.
1800ís where everyone would come to the town square to watch a hanging. Today, where people are rubbernecking in the hopes of seeing the result of a accident.
For the Jews, the cross represented the worse way to die.
It meant that you have been cursed by God.
It was not always a sign of the Christian church. Until Roman emperor Constantine took over in the late 4th century, the cross could not even be pictured with anything religious. Constantine adapted the cross almost as a ďgood luckĒ charm. A symbol of triumph. He place the cross on the shields for protection.
Question- What does the cross mean to you?
Is it a good luck charm? Like a baseball player, do you kiss the cross for protection?
Is your Jesus on or off the cross? It does make a difference.
Romans- It was a shameful way to die, a symbol of death.
Believers- Because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross- it is a symbol of life and forgiveness and relief.
The way that the criminals blasphemed the Messiah reminds us of how our world is today.
Jesus is the Son of God- I donít think so.
Why doesnít he do something to prove to me He is the Son of God.
Someone I should worship? Donít think so
They have this idea of eternity with a harp, sitting on a cloud singing 24/7. They think they would be bored. They think they will not have any fun.
We have more in common with the criminals than we want to admit.
God tells us we must do things His way. We tell God, no, Iíll do it my way.
When things donít go our way, we say..I doubt youíre the son of God, I donít need a savior, prove to me , show me something.
That is blasphemy on the same level as the loud criminals next to Jesus.
The Romans did not put Jesus on the cross. It was our rebellion, our sins, our cursing of God that put Jesus on that cross. Jesus takes our sins, our punishment.
Then one of the criminals has a change of heart.
He stops mocking God.
He rebukes his fellow criminals.
ďDonít you fear God?, since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for
Alinah Mokoena
March 21, 2012
To me the Cross, means a new beginning with Christ. A new covenant. A fresh start following Jesus Christ wherever He is. Starting afresh with pure hearts that are filled with the Holy Spirit. Living a sin free life. Jesus said at the Cross. IT IS FINISHED.