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"What God Wants His People To Remember On
New Yearís Day"

Text-Exodus 12:1-51
Rev. Danny Moss
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
814 Marwood Loop, SE
Bogue Chitto, MS. 39629

Scripture Focal Text-
Exodus 12:2-"This month shall be unto you the
beginning of months: it shall be the first month
of the year to you."

Iím sure that most of us can recall a memorable
new yearís eve, or new yearís day that we partici-
pated in with our families. The Hebrew people of
God were about to experience a New Yearís Day like
no other. It would be so significant, that it
would begin their new calendar. Every time a new
year rolled around, they would be reminded of what
had happened to them, and their forefathers way
back in Egypt, when God sent the death angel, and
delivered them from Egyptian bondage.

I believe that we can compare this to our
Christian experience, and recognize some important
things that God wants us to remember every New
Yearís Day.

I. FIRST of all, we need to remember Who We Are

We are Godís redeemed people. A people who have
been delivered from bondage. Theirs was physical
slavery, ours was spiritual enslavement to Satan.
God came down, and delivered us. He did not allow
us to remain in agony and suffering, and despair.
He sent Moses to them, as their Deliverer. He
sent Christ to us, to deliver us from darkness,
so that we could walk in His marvelous light.

They had no power to deliver themselves. Neither
do we. God had to send one who would lead them
out of bondage, into the marvelous liberty of the
children of God.

That first New Yearís Eve, each family was told
to take a lamb of the first year, a lamb without
blemish, and then slaughter it on the 14th day of
Nisan. Then, they were to take the blood of the
lamb, and sprinkle it upon the two side posts of
their houses, and upon the upper door post wherein
they would eat it. It was to be roasted with fire,
They were to eat it with their loins girded, with
shoes on their feet, and with a staff in their hand.
They were to eat it in haste, because it was the
Lordís Passover.

II. SECONDLY, I believe that God wants us to remem-

Everything about what they were instructed to do
was significant.
God promised that when He saw the blood, He would
passover them, and not destroy them as His plague
of death struck Egypt.

We need to always remember that it is by the blood
of Jesus that we are redeemed, and that apart from
that blood we would perish with the rest of the
world when Godís judgment falls.

Our redemption is in the blood of Christ, the
perfect Lamb of God, who gave Himself for us, that
we might be saved, and given a home in Heaven.
Nothing but the blood can cleanse us, and rescue
Great word! Thanks.