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What Is Hindering The Church
Galatians 5:1-15
“Ye did run well, who did hinder you?”

The apostle Paul was very fond of athletic illustrations and used them often in his letters. His readers as well were familiar with the Olympic games and contest that always included foot races. It is important to note that Paul never uses the image of the race to tell people how to be saved. He uses the illustration of the race to inform Christians about how to live the Christian life. A contestant in the Greek games had to be a citizen before he could compete int he races. We do not run in order to be saved, but we run the because we are saved.
YOU DID RUN WELL! In the races, each runner was to stay in his assigned lane, but some runners would cut in on their competitors to try to get them off course. The word “hinder” is an Olympic expression, and properly signifies coming across the course while a person is running in it, in such a manner as to jostle, and throw him out of the way. Paul asks, with emphasis, who it could have been that retarded them in their Christian course.

A. A Focused Life
B. A Faithful Life
C. A Fruitful Life

The local church is built of individuals runners. Do you a hinder the others runners who are in the race or desire to be in the race? What can hinder others who are in the race or desire to be in the race?

I. UNCONTROLLED SPEECH hinders the church (5:15)
The quickest way to destroy the spirituality of a church, and to annihilate its influence, is to excite a spirit of uncontrolled speech. Our speech can hinder or help; bless or blight.
The first thing some people do in the morning is to brush their teeth and sharpen their tongue.
The sins of the tongue are varied and numerous: idle and injurious gossip, hurtful faultfinding, slander, lying, destructive criticism, and fleshly boasting just to name a few. Proverbs 11:9 declares “An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour”
See James 1:26. If a man does not restrain his tongue, other evidences of religion are worthless. A man may undoubtedly have many things in his character which seem to be evidences of the existence of religion in his heart, and yet there is just one thing that shall show all those evidences are false.
Uncontrolled speech often wrecks havoc in the church.
A. Uncontrolled speech harms our worship.
B. Uncontrolled speech hurts our witness (James 3:10-12).
C. Uncontrolled speech helps the wicked one. See Revelation 12:10
“The tongue is the principal instrument in the cause of God; and it is the chief engine of the devil; give him this, and he asks no more -- there is no mischief or misery he will not accomplish by it.”
Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”
A slip of the foot you may soon recover,
But a slip of the tongue
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