TITUS 2:1-5

In Tyler, Texas, there is a tombstone which says, ďMahalita, the wife of R. Adkins, she was the sunshine of our home.Ē 1.

Mothers, isnít that the way you want to be remembered? You were the sunshine of your home.

Billy Grahamís mother said concerning motherí day, that she didnít want to be congratulated. But she wanted it to be a day of soul-searching in her life that she might gain a new awareness of the role that God had given her.

You say how can I accomplish been the role of a mother as God would have me to be? I believe in the Scriptures that I just read we see the role of a godly mother.

We see in the background of the Scriptures that Paul was writing to Titus to encourage him in Crete. It was a hard place (Titus 1:12) and some of that spirit had spilled over into the Church.

In Titus 1:5, Paul said ďset in orderĒ which is a medical term that means to set in joint. It is what a Doctor does with a broken bone, he set it back in place so it can heal and be useful again. Paul was saying to Titus, he had do this in the Church.

A part of what Paul told Titus to was to give instructions to the Christian home. He talks about specific responsibilities in the home. He talks about older men (v-2), older women (v-4), young women (V-4), young men (v-6) and slaves (v-9).

Paul seems to be saying Crete will not be right until, the Church is right, and the Church will not be right until the home is right.

Notice some of the things, Paul says are the motherís responsibilities and the ways she can be the sunshine of her home.

I read the story of husband who said there were two wooden figures on their wall at home. On the wooden figure of the man there is a sign that reads: "If daddy ainít happy, who cares." On the wooden figure of the woman there is a sign that reads: "If mamma ainít happy, ainít nobody happy!" I am glad that is not the only kind of influence that a woman has in the home.


It means that they should live a life consistent with the fact that they claim to be followers of Christ. In others words, their walk should match their talk.

Paul earlier in 1:16 had refereed to some who were false.

My mother was and is an inspiration to my brother and me. She told us to go to Church and she took us. She told us not to drink and she didnít. She told us not to cuss and she didnít. She told us to be good and
Kind and she was. She told us to pray and she did. She taught us by her example.

Mothers are to be Christ-like in the home because it is there where we are watched the most and where we can prove our faith.

A well-known professional golfer was playing in a tournament with President Gerald Ford, fellow pro Jack Nicklaus, and Billy Graham. After the round was over, one of the other pros on the tour asked, "Hey, what was it like playing with the President and Billy Graham?" The pro said with