This is the Revelation of God to the Church concerning Jesus Christ. A revelation is an unveiling, it is a making known of that which has been hidden. This unveiling is that which God gave unto John that his servants might be shown the things which must come to pass. It’s in light of the consummation of the ages and the final revelation of Jesus Christ that we need to know “What the Spirit is Saying To The Churches.” John bore record, he wrote down, he gave the testimony of all that he saw concerning Jesus Christ. And so he wrote in Revelation 1:3, “Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy.” Herein is the challenge to Calvary Baptist Church today. Hear the word from God – hear what Jesus is saying to this church. The vision John gives is that of Jesus walking among the church on earth. He is here today, walking among this church and He has a word for us.

Revelation 2:7 says, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” So, “What is the Spirit saying to the Church about Spiritual Renewal?” For over a month now we’ve been talking about, praying about and being consulted about entering into a Lay Renewal Weekend. My goal in the message this morning is for the Spirit to bring us to a point of agreement and commitment to plan, prepare, pray for and participate in a Lay Renewal Weekend so that we may better hear what the Spirit is saying to Calvary Baptist Church.

To know what the Spirit is saying to us about a Spiritual Renewal Weekend, we all need to know what it is and what it will do for God’s people. So first and foremost a Spiritual Renewal Weekend is:

I. A Renewal of Our Journey With Jesus

It’s a journey in the Holy Spirit that begins when a person becomes a born again believer in Jesus Christ. It begins when you become a Christian. From that moment, wherever you are, you should live your commitment sensitively listening to the Spirit, consistently following Jesus and naturally doing the will of God. And that journey which begins at your spiritual birth continues throughout your life. It never ends. From that point your total life experience is involved with Jesus Christ living within you as a believer. And as you live out this relationship with God in Christ, His life in you becomes a witness both verbally and through personal ministry to all persons with whom you become associated.

Of course, once the journey has begun there’s a process of maturing. That is, a growing realization of God’s plan and purpose for your life in Christ. The problem often is however, a Christian reaches a plateau in their spiritual growth and stagnation sets in. You begin to see yourself as self-sufficient. And at that point it’s hard for you to admit even to yourself that your journey has halted. Now, I didn’t say it ended – but it has hit a road block. And at this point, your lifestyle becomes shaped not by God, but by that which surrounds you – by the pressures in your