Save Time and Preach Like Never Before. Try the new
God to help him.
Sounds like you and I today.
We do something that gets us into trouble and then we beg God to get us out.

God help me, I know I am not worthy of your love and your mercy but please help me get through this situation.

Jacob is pacing wondering, praying, thinking, feeling sorry for his self, scared wrestling with his emotions and in the midst of all that emotional wrestling he began to wrestle with an Angel.
Out of nowhere there appeared an Angel, the Bible does not tell us how he got there it just tells us they started to wrestle with each other.

He wrestled with this Angel. He would not stop. He would not give up. He would not let go. He wrestled as if he were wrestling with his life. He was in distress. He was in need of something.

The Angel hit Jacob on his side, "Let me go for the day breakth." He said.
Jacob responded "I will not let thee go, except thou bless me."
"Hey" Jacob was saying, "I am in need here. I need to something from you, I will not let you go until I get what I need from you."
Jacob was being persistent.

Jacob realizes that itís really GOD that heís wrestling. Jacob is now just holding on Ö heís no longer wrestling. Jacob is learning an important LESSON.

You donít get anywhere by resisting, and struggling, and wrestling with God. The only way you can get anywhere with God, is by yielding, surrendering, and holding on to God. When you get to this place, youíre ready to trust God.

ITíS LIKE Ö when a lifeguard tries to save a drowning man. If he tries to grab him, the drowning victim will pull the lifeguard under Ö try to climb on top of him Ö both will drown. The lifeguard waits until heís tired out Ö about to go under. THEN, he grabs him when his strength is all gone.

Isnít the wrestling of Jacob with God like our own. We are all wrestling with God over some things weíve done in the past.........some decisions made ! We are all wrestling with God over some choices that we need to make this morning.........we are all fighting with God over the matter of control !

Jacob responded "I will not let thee go, except thou bless me."
"I really need this I will not give up this time."
"Ive ran from my problems time and time again, I will not give up this time."

He said.
Now do you think that the Angel really needed to wait for Jacob to let go of him to leave? NO!!!!

He was making Jacob understand the value of Persistence.

Be persistent when you are praying for that Loved one.
Be persistent when you are praying for that New Job.
Be persistent when it seems everything is failing and you canít see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Be persistent with your prayers, your praise, your sacrifice.
Be persistent with God.
Cause he is persistent with us.

He would not let him go so the Angel hit him on his thigh and knocked it out of Joint.

Maybe there is something we are going through and we want to hear from God, we want to follow Godís will and we want to understand