What it Means to be a Fully Devoted Disciple

Luke 9:23-26
Luke 9:57-62

There is a difference in the life-style of a fully devoted disciple and one who is not fully devoted. When I think of my life as a new Christian I was like a roller coaster. I was up and down in my spiritual life. I had victory when I was with other Christians, but compromised when I was with non-Christians friends. I had received Jesus as my Savior but when with old friends at Gypsum I did not take a strong stand for the Lord.

Chameleon Christians are not fully devoted disciples Ė they take on the attitude of the people they happen to be around.

The fully devoted life is like riding the cog-rail train up the Pikeís Peak Mountain. There are twists and turns on the cog rail as you go up the mountain. Itís not near as fast as a roller coaster, but there is no comparison to the splendor and magnificent scenery as you travel to the 14,110 ft. high peak.

Carollyn and I have traveled the cog rail three times and I drove up one time. I prefer the cog-rail to driving. At the top of the mountain it is often cold and one time we rode into a blizzard with several feet of snow stacked up on places.

A roller coaster is fast and furious, but it goes up and down and in one big circle. On the way up your first incline you have great excitement and anticipation, and when you go down you leave your stomach behind. Itís thrilling to ride at 120 miles an hour and go 420 feet and drop 400 feet. But the ride is over in a minute.

The cog-rail train up to Pikeís Peak is a long ride of three hours and ten minutes for the round trip.

The cog-rail train is like a fully devoted disciple. There are bumps along the way, curves and some valleys, but you are always on an upward trend.

What is it that helps us reach the tipping point and turn toward becoming a fully devoted disciple? God often sends someone along our path in life that becomes our coach and discipler. For me it was my High School Sunday School teacher. Then at Central College it was my college room-mate Tom Morgan who roomed with me for three years. He came from a healthy Christian home and was a positive influence on my life. In fact he was the one who suggested that I date Carollyn Reid who became Carollyn Ellis.

Many of you have come to faith and are followers of Jesus because someone became a friend and encouraged you to live for Jesus. Erroll Dietz had a friend a work who helped him come to faith. Erroll is going to come and tell us how he came to having faith in Jesus.

What does it means to be a disciple?

The word ďdiscipleĒ is used 269 times in the New Testament. A disciple is a learner and follower of his/her teacher.

The key word to becoming a disciple of Jesus is ďobedience.Ē The call of Jesus is a demanding call. If a person says he wants to follow Jesus and continues to live as he is living is fooling him self.

Jesus gave the call to follow him as a disciple in Luke