What Manner of Man is this?
Mark 4:35-41

Intro: If you will be faithful to a study of the book of Mark, you will know that the book of Mark was written by John Mark. John was his Jewish name and Mark his Roman name. The Latin name "Marcus" means hammer, which is thought to be appropriate by some because Mark was thought to be a forceful and direct speaker and writer. A trait shared by his father in the Lord, Peter. His complete name, John Mark, represents his full connection with both the Jewish people and the Gentiles. The name John was dropped as time went on because of his missionary work with the Gentiles. It is thought that Mark wrote generally for the Gentile people. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus is seen as the mighty worker. In other Gospels he is seen as a servant, or as a king of the Jews, but in Mark’s gospel, He is seen as a great worker. This is evident in the scripture we will read where He calms a storm and amazes those around him.

Read Mark 4:35-41

In the verses we have just read, we see where Jesus has been teaching His disciples. He is teaching them in the form of parable, when the multitude grows large and wants to listen to them. Jesus then wants to take His disciples across the sea so that they could do some study by themselves. They are on their way to Gadara when Jesus is sleeping in the hinder parts of the boat. As they are on their way, a storm approaches and begins to rock the boat. The disciples become scared of the storm and fearful. They wake Jesus up and ask Him to do something. Jesus rebukes the wind and commands the sea to stand still. Of course, the people are amazed at the fact that even the winds and the sea obey His voice. They begin to ask themselves the question, "What manner of man is this?" I want to ask you that same question and use it to preach on the thought, "What manner of man is this?"
What manner of man is this, the type that can calm a troubled sea. This is a man who can speak peace to a broken heart. He can heal the blinded eyes. What type of man is this. He is a man like no other. There has never been another man like that. He was 100% man, and yet He was 100% God. He walked upon this earth 33 years and never sinned. He lived a perfect life in every way. He could not have sinned if He wanted to. At the very mention of the name Jesus, all of hell trembles and heaven stands still.
What type of man is this that can cause such a great reaction? Everywhere He went, He drew a crowd. Everybody wanted to get a glimpse, a touch of this man named Jesus. Through the years, many people have been beaten for this man. Others have even paid the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for Him. What manner of man is this, that He causes such a reaction? I want you to notice some things about Him this morning that will show us exactly why He causes the reaction that He does. I am preaching on this thought, What manner of man is this?

I. Saving Man
First of all, let