***A little boy was heard talking to himself as he walked across the backyard, baseball cap in place, ball and bat in his hands. "I am the greatest hitter in the world," he said. He threw the ball up, swung and missed. "Strike one," he said. But again, he told himself, "I am the greatest hitter ever." He threw the ball up again, swung and missed. He looked at the ball, and at the bat, and said, "I’m the greatest hitter that ever lived." He threw the ball up again and swung and missed a third time. This time he said, " Strike three! Wow! He said, “I’m the greatest pitcher in the world!”

How many times in your life have you missed God doing a miracle or mighty work in your life???

How many times have you missed God doing a work and then try to pass it off as God’s will???
There are times when God wants to bless us but He is unable to and so we try to save face by convincing ourselves that it wasn’t God’s will to heal us, or to meet a certain need…

Don’t fall into the false assumption that says, “If it’s God’s will then it will happen…” That is a statement we use to keep from having to pray or strive to see God do something in our lives…

Because God allows certain things doesn’t mean it is His desired will…
Think about this scripture…
2Pe 3:9 ¶ The Lord is… not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. PREACH!!!

The sinfulness of this world is not God’s will…
When you and I disobey God it is not His will…

It is God’s will to work in our lives but in order to work in our lives there are some things that must take place…


A) Why do some people seem to experience much of God while most of us seem to WATCH God work from a distance???

What causes the Power of God to explode in one person’s life but not in another???
You know the ones…
It seems as though every time you hear them speak they are testifying of something new that God has done in their life while you sit and wonder, “Why doesn’t anything like that ever happen to me???”

B) Why do some churches experience the blessings of God while others struggle to
keep the doors open???

***According to Barna Research, an average of 1000 churches this year will meet, sing a song, say a prayer, turn out the lights and lock the doors for the last time…

What is it that Moves the Hand of God???
How can YOU experience the “dunamis” “dynamite” POWER of God in your personal life???

If we can ever get a hold of the mightiness of God IN OUR PERSONAL LIVES!
If we can ever get a hold of the mightiness of God IN OUR FAMILY’S LIVES!
If we can ever get a hold of the mightiness of God IN OUR CHURCHES!
If we can ever get a hold of the mightiness of God IN OUR COMMUNITIES!

We can begin to experience the miracles and works that God desires to do among us rather than merely hearing about what He’s doing somewhere