Prov. 23:29-35

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We have a drug problem in the U.S. We could talk about:
cocaine, marijuana, meth, or heroine.

America’s #1 problem drug is not any of these illegal substances,
But a legal drug called ALCOHOL.

1. Most death
Produces more death than any other drug. Over 55% of highway deaths are alcohol related. It causes heart probs, liver probs, and powerful addiction.

2. Most addiction
There are over 17 million alcoholics in America today, and rising. They, by far, outnumber the addicts of any other drug.

3. Most misery
Think of the death, disability, psychosis, addiction…it produces more misery than any other drug.

But…what makes alcohol so dangerous is that it is sold legally.

Not only is it sold legally, but it is as widely available as a bottle of ketchup, a bottle of shampoo, or a baby’s bottle of milk…it’s just another bottle!

$25 billion will be spent this year on beverage alcohol. Not million, billion!

While it is the most dangerous drug in the world, there is no warning label on the bottle! The can doesn’t read, “#1 producer of death”, “#1 producer of addicts”, “#1 producer of misery.”

Advertisers will spend $600 million telling you that you ought to drink.

TV used to limit alcohol advertising to beer, but as of Jan. 1 of 2002, even hard liquor is allowed to advertise!

With so many telling us why we should drink, I don’t mind tonite sharing what God says about it.

Abe Lincoln said, “Alcohol has many defenders, but no defense.”

Let’s look at what God’s Word says:
1. Description of Alcohol
2. Destruction of Alcohol
3. Deception of Alcohol
4. Deliverance from Alcohol

1. Description of Alcohol
Here’s a blanket command God gives concerning the use of beverage alcohol:

v. 31 “Don’t look at it!” At what? “wine”.

Here’s some controversy: “what does wine mean?”

“Wine” in the Bible is a generic term. It is a general term that may at times refer to an intoxicating beverage, or at times it may not.

Like we use the word “drink.” “I gotta have a drink!”
We assume they mean alcohol.

In a restaurant w/ attached bar, the waitress may ask you if you would like a drink before dinner. In that context, you understand she means alcohol.

Or, you might be traveling down the road w/ the family, and one of the kids might ask to stop so they can get a drink. They probably mean soda.

Bro. Bob may walk thru the lobby by the fountain and say, “I need a quick drink before church.” We all trust he means water. (If after deacon’s meeting…then who knows what he might mean!)

Allow me to introduce you to a little Hebrew and a little Greek:
(they went in together and started a pizza shop down the street!)

“Shekar”—that which intoxicates.

Always translated in KJV as “strong drink”. Every time this word is translated wine or strong drink, it is always
Michael Johnson
August 18, 2012
I really appreciate the tremendous sermons of Pastor Shirley. This is definitely 5 star. A very accurate, pointed, powerful message.
Paul Walters
August 2, 2012
Thank you for this information and grat sermon. May God continue to bless you
Kenny Bodvarson
March 31, 2011
Wow this is not a good sermon. I can''t believe you guys think it is so good. This is exactly what should not be preached in church
Rev. Matthew Crain
April 17, 2015
Seriously? You CANNOT argue with or deny God's Word. The problem with most people is that they look for scripture that backs up their opinion, instead of letting God's word be the final authority. Too many of you want your ears tickled instead of your hearts being convicted.
Ronnie Nemoede
February 19, 2009
Great sermon,could really use more of this in the world today.
Once again Bro. Jerry has blessed us with another anointed sermon. I PRAISE GOD for you allowing Him to use you in such away. It was just this week that I was praying about this very subject and how to deal with it and Praise God He shows off for us. This is a great need in our churches and we must stand firm and dealing with it. I pray that you will continue in allowing the Spirit of God bless and lead you. Thank you Bro. Jerry for your faithfulness!
Alan Cobb
November 11, 2006
Great Bible study on the words used to refer to strong drink and wine.
David Carroll of Calvary Ind Baptist
November 10, 2006
We need to have this sermon preached from all of our puplits.