When this women left her house with her water pot, she never realized what would happen that day. She had lived her life with a longing to fill an empty void in her life. Throughout her life, she had tried to fill this void with many things. Every attempt was a failure because she found that the sin she used to fill it was a fleeting pleasure. It lasted for a short time and was gone. When it left, the void seem to grow larger and the guilty deeper! If she could only find one thing to satisfy her and fill the empitness..........and then she meet Jesus. Letís look at a few things this women of Samaria found at Jacobs well. She found:

I. A Saviour that Came

A. He came with a purpose

B. He came with a plan

II. A Saviour that Cares

A. He cares about places (vs. 4-6)
He went were no one else would.

B. He cares about people
He talked to people everyone else
had given up on. He went to the
out cast of the out cast! Why else would she be going to draw water at
the 6th hour or at noone time!
C. He cares about problems

1. she had some physical problems
(vs 16-18)
she had 5 husbands and was
living with another man.
2. she had some spiritual problems.
(vs. 19-26)
she was stuck in a religion

He wanted to help solve her problems.

III. A Saviour that Cleanses (vs 27-38)

A. He cleansed her of her past sins

B. He cleansed her of her present sins.

Once she realized the cleansing that Christ had given her, she wanted everyone to know of the cleansing that Christ freely offers to all!

IV. She found a Saviour that was Christ! (vs 39-42)

No other Saviour could do what HE did because
He is God! He completed transformed her life;
and as a result of her witness, He completely
transformed her entire city!


Today, maybe you can relate to this women. You have tried everything to fill the void. With every attempt, the void seems to grow lager. Friend, there is hope! Jesus is waiting for you by the well today! Will you like this women accept Christ for who He truly is? He is the Saviour of the world. More importantly, He longs to be your personal Saviour. Will you accept Christ today?

Christian, what are you doing to tell other of what Christ has done for you? Remember the excitment when you first got saved and the desire to tell the whole world what He did for you? Where has the excitment gone? Today, let us determine to be like this women and tell everyone we can of Jesus before it is eternally to late!