What To Do When Your Lose Your Security

1 Samuel 18:6-21:15


The scene is a four engine jet liner. The pilotís voice comes on the intercom: "Those of you on the left side of the plane have probably noticed that one of our engines has failed. Please do not be alarmed. We can still fly on three engines, but we will probably arrive about 15 minutes late." A few minutes later, the pilotís calm voice came on again: "Those of you on the right side of the plane are probably aware that a second engine has failed. Please do not be alarmed. We can make it on two engines, though we will probably be at least 30 minutes late now." A few minutes later the pilot spoke to the passengers again: "It has just come to my attention that a third engine has failed. Please do not be alarmed. We can make it to the airport on only one engine. However, we will arrive approximately 45 minutes late." One passenger turned to another and said, "Boy, I hope that fourth engine doesnít fail, or we could be up here all night!"

A story like that makes a good joke, but if it were really to happen to us, there would be no one laughing. When you are flying, your security literally depends upon the functioning of those engines.
Just as a flyerís sense of security is wrapped up in the proper functioning of those engines, so, too, in life, our sense of security is often dependent upon various factors in our lives such as our jobs, our families, our friends, our position in society. And we can become very secure in these things. A person with a good job, a nice house, a loving family, the respect of other people, good health, well, what else could he need? Right? Maybe he doesnít even need God.
And therein lies a problem. God wants us to find our security ultimately in Him. All of these things are temporary but our relationship with Him has the potential of being eternal. But there is an independent streak in all of us that tends sometimes to neglect to develop our security and trust in God when there are so many other things that offer what we think is secure. Though it is not always the case, it is often true that the person who is secure in these other things will have somewhat of a problem trusting God. Oh, he wonít know it - unless he begins to lose any or all of these things that make him feel secure.
In many cases, God allows us to lose some of the things we find our security in, in order to test, and/or develop our trust in Him.

Young David, the anointed, but not yet actual King of Israel, back about 1000 years before Christ, was flying high above the clouds of secure circumstances. He had been brought out of obscurity as a shepherd and anointed by Samuel the Prophet to be the next King of Israel. He had taken on the giant, Goliath, and been victorious when everyone else was afraid.

Because of his victory, Saul, the incumbent King had put him in charge of
Bill Scott of Calvary Chapel
December 14, 2015
David Jankowski of Minooka Bible Church
January 8, 2013
Very good. True to the text and very practical. I''d be proud to give this sermon. In fact, I took a number of points from it to teach a group of senior citizens.