What do you have?
What is available to you, at your disposal, in your possession?

This rod was nothing special of itself, it was just a rod (a stick).

What was significant about this stick was: It was what Moses had.

Note: God did not ask Moses what he didnít have.
We could all make a long list if what we donít have.
*We donít have enough money
*We donít have a good education
*We donít have a high social standing
The list can go on and on
But God never directs our attention to what we donít have, but to what we do have even though it seems small.

Note: God gave us everything we needed to do the job

Even though what we have seems, small, weak, insignificant,This is on purpose, because God has designed it so that what we have must be connected to him to work.

The difference is the power of God.
It is not your ability, your knowledge, your talent, or the size of your gift or the beauty of your gift that matters

All that matters is: How much of God is in your stick.
Your stick represents that which you have that you surrender to God.
When God gets in it, itís enough
When God gets in it, It will surprise you (Moses fled from before his rod when it turned into a serpent).

The anointing is the supernatural power of God operating through the natural to produce results that are humanly impossible.

We need to ask God to get in our stick.
That is to say the great need of the hour is God in our song, God in our preaching, God in our marriage, God in our business.
God in our gift, God in our talent.

When God gets in a thing it is not the same.
When God gets in a thing it can scare some people.
Just like Moses who had never seen his rod do anything like that before.

*God got in a rock and caused a river to flow out of it that quenched the thirst of 1to 3 million Israelites.
*Got got in a donkey and caused it to speak and rebuke a rebellious prophet.
*God got in an axe head of Iron and caused it to swim up to the top of the water so the prophet could reach out his hand and take hold of it.
*God got in a little pot of oil and caused it to multiply till it met every need and provided an abundant overflow.

God got in a box, and they called it the Ark of the Covenant.

They placed this box inside the most Holy Place of the tabernacle (The Ark was made out of wood, but it was covered with Gold,) This is symbolic of the natural and the supernatural, the human and the divine nature of Jesus.
The Most Holy Place from the inside was covered in gold but from the outside the tabernacle was covered with badger skin.

No one would know by looking at the outside, that there was such a valuable treasure inside.

In similar fashion Today God has chosen to place his presence and glory in human tents;
Our bodies are the temples of God.
2 Corinthians 4:7 But we have this (treasure in earthen vessels,) that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

Moses rod symbolizes something that is weak, it has
John Kiddy
October 7, 2012
Good Word Brother!
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November 1, 2008
It was a great thought about the power & absolute of God
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April 26, 2008