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EXODUS 4:1-2

Pastor Greg Mc Donald

There is a story found in the book of Exodus that I want to share with you this morning that I think we should all be able to relate to...because in this story we find the mighty, miracle working power of God being realized by a very human guy in an out of the way place...a man who looked at things much like many of us do.

The man Iím referring to is Moses. We all know the story of he was born of Hebrew parents and had to be placed in the bulrushes in a basket so he wouldnít be killed. We also know he was discovered by Pharaohís daughter, who took him and made him her son. He was taught and trained in the finest of settings and given prominence in the land.

But the saying goes, "You can take the man out of the country, but you canít take the country out of the man." This was true of Moses. They took him away from his people, but they couldnít take his people away from his heart. Weíre not sure when he discovered who he really was, but somewhere, somehow the truth became known to him.

And Moses must have cringed every time a whip cracked against a trembling Hebrew slaveís back. It must have grieved him tremendously to see the horrible ways they were treated. Growing up in the house of Pharaohís daughter, he never knew the cruelty of the slave drivers...but apparently he was tormented inside. Why did his people have to suffer so much?

This question plagued his mind until he finally acted on it. He took the life of one of those slave drivers and had to run for his life, and he ended up tending livestock on the back side of the desert. And for forty years one question haunted him continually: "God, why donít you help them?" Well, finally God answered Mosesí question. Letís read about this...Exodus 3: 1-11 READ

After forty years of wondering and questioning why God didnít help them, God said to Moses..."Why donít you deliver them?" But Moses wasnít eager to be a part of that plan. He didnít want to take one step in that parade. Letís look over to chapter 4:1-2 READ

Some people, like Moses, see a need...and itís important that we can see the needs around us. Often do we carry around a burden for a certain situation, problem. Many have, for years, carried around a burden for someoneís salvation...or for a healing...or maybe a deliverance of a habit or lifestyle.

And God hears those prayers and cries for help. But when God chooses us to be the instrument for deliverance...weíre so quick to say, "Hey, not me what could I possibly do?" Call the pastor...or call the elders.

But God said to Moses: "Look at what you have in your hand right now. You can take what you have and use it to meet the need - if you let Me help you." The key to the miraculous is first of all seeing the need - but then letting God use what is in your hand."

God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush...and told him about the promise to give the Israelites the land of Canaan..