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undermanned for the task we have been called to do. God ahs always used a few. With 300 men Gideon and his armies killed all the large Midianite armies. How could they defeat such a large army so outnumbered? God was on their side. Moses and Joshua countless times lead Israel into battle against all odds and greatly outnumbered. How could the Israelite armies be so successful against such large armies? God was on their side. Jesus spent three years mentoring and teaching twelve men, he shared his life with them. How could those twelve men make such a difference in the world? God was on their side. Paul went out into unknown lands with a companion many times, preaching to people who had never heard of Jesus, the Gospel spread rapidly. How could just a few men make such a large difference? God was on their side.

II. No one Knows all that I do
Sometimes we might get discouraged because we do not feel that anybody knows or sees how hard we are trying.
a. We donít need recognition
First, we do not need public recognition for the things that we do for the Lord. We are not serving the Lord so that we might have the praise of men. No you might not have the fame and the glory serving the Lord that you would anywhere else, but the benefits are out of this world. We do not need recognition.
I Timothy 5:24-25
Some things we do might be obvious to all people, but some thing may never be seen by anybody. There are many people who will never know the things that are done by people. No body will ever know how much time Don Maney has spent handling the church finances. No body will ever know how many hours others have spent working on the building. No body will ever know the late hours people have spent on the phone trying to talk to people about the Lord. No one will ever know the generous giving of some people in the church. Today, if you are discouraged because people do not know what all you do you are in the wrong place. No, no one will ever know how much money you gave to the church, no one may ever know the hours you gave up to help out around the church, but we do not seek praise from men. Recognition from men means nothing in the long run. I think it is important to give honor where honor is due and to recognize the servants that we have among us at times, but a lifetime may go by and no one will ever know the things you did. That does not mean that you are not valued or important to the Lord.
b. God sees all we do
We must realize that God sees all that we do both good and bad. I want to encourage you that though nobody may ever give you recognition here God sees your faithfulness. God sees and knows how much money and times you sacrifice and that will not come back void. God sees all that you do and you can be encouraged to know that you will be repaid and rewarded for what you have done. We do not need to seek praise from men, but we store up treasures in Heaven.
Matthew 6:19-21
Be encouraged in this that