Great men, great leaders,great heroes arenít born overnight.
I am big fan of Presidential history. Many of you who know me well can verify
this. I can tell you a lot about nearly every 20th century President that has
come down the pike.
My favorite President was Harry S Truman.
For the first half of his life, he was a virtual unknown. He was a failed
farmer. A failed businessman. Aside from service during World War II, he rarely
stepped out of his part of Missouri.
But years later, he would become the 33rd President of the United States during
some of the most interesting times of American history.
But donít think those years as an unknown were wasted. His failures gave him
experience to understand and empathize with those who were less fortunate. He
knew what the small businessman and farmer wanted and needed from Washington
and he worked hard to that end once he occupied the Oval Office.
No, this is not going to be about Harry Truman.
But I use his life to make a point. There were a variety of experiences in
Trumanís life that ultimately prepared him for the task he was destined to
When one looks through the Scripture, that becomes evidently clear in the lives
of great Biblical heroes.
The hero I choose to hold up as an example of this is Moses. I want us to look
at his life from the time he was born until the time he stood before Pharaoh
and said "Let my people go". And I want to point out several things about what
God did with Moses that He does with us as well.
With God, there are no accidents. It was no accident that there were two
midwives, Shiphrah and Puah that said from the beginning that they would not
kill the Hebrew baby boys even though Pharaoh decreed it and was capable of
putting them to death. If they had not been there, Moses would have died even
before he had ever been named.
It was no accident that after Pharaoh decreed that all Hebrew baby boys be
thrown into the Nile river to drown and Jochebed, his mother, made an ark of
bulrushes for him to float in, that the daughter of Pharaoh would be bathing
nearby and find the baby and fall in love with him and take him to the palace
to raise.
It was no accident that after killing an Egyptian who was abusing an Israelite
and fleeing the country for fear of his life, that Moses would become
acquainted with a man named Jethro and marry one of his daughters. And it was
no accident that while Moses was tending to Jethroís sheep that he would
encounter God speaking from the burning bush telling him that his appointed
task was to lead the Children of Israel out of slavery.
It was no accident.
You see, with God there are never any accidents.
Society today likes to say that certain events occur just by "coincidence".
I decided a long time ago that I donít believe in "coincidence". God allows
things to happen and puts things in order because He has plans for our lives
Yatta Peal
May 19, 2009
Amen! God has spoken to me this day by you, bro''! To God be the Glory for it is no accident that I have read this sermon today! Send me more of the sermons of this type, please.