Intro: How do you know whether it is right or wrong to switch jobs? How do you know if it is right or wrong to move from one place to another? If you’re making major decision, how do you know it is the right or wrong thing to do?
I think that there are times in our lives that doors seem to open and then there are times that doors seem to close. In our passage of scripture today, we first see DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY closing on the disciples and then opening in another direction. I believe we can draw some biblical principles from this passage to apply to our lives.

I. Experiencing open and closed doors is a part of the Christian life.
A. The apostles tried to enter Asia but were blocked, and then they try to enter Bithynia but were again blocked. Paul then had a vision by night to go to Macedonia. So they immediately left for that region (contrast I Thess. 2:18).
B. It appears that they were engaged in a struggle to know where God was sending them.

II. When does God choose to open a door?
God will open a door when you are willing to obey His call (v.10). Sometimes doors close because we hesitate. Notice in verse 10 it says “immediately.” Sometimes we are not sure that we heard God so we wait. There are times when delaying to act is not obedience but rather a lack of faith.

III. God will open a door for us when we will allow Him to challenge our plans for our life (v.10).
A. Suppose you were planning a vacation to Baguio City. But when you got there things did not feel right. So you prayed hard about it and you felt like God was telling you to go to Clarkfield, Pampanga. Will you get in your car and go or would you rather stay yet in Baguio City?
B. People who are stubborn will not see many open doors as those who are more sensitive and open to God’s leading.

IV. God opens doors when we are willing to listen to Him (vv. 13-15).
A. Observe carefully how the Lord opened Lydia’s heart to respond positively to Paul’s Gospel message (cf. vv. 9, 14).
B. As a result of her willingness to listen she was saved and thereafter invited Paul and company to stay with her.
C. A lot of times, we don’t know if a door is open because we are not willing to listen. At the end of the church service, we remain unchanged because we fail to listen to the Holy Spirit to see if He has opened our hearts about something.

V. God will open doors when the world challenges what we believe (vv. 16-18).
When we discover that a brother or sister has cancer or a crisis, we should not give up. We should pray because God might open a door for the unbelieving world to see Him.

VI. God opens a door when we sing and praise God in prayer and worship (vv. 23-28). Worship believes that there are no closed doors that God cannot open. This is the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving!

VII. God opens doors for those who seek what is right (vv. 29-31).
When the jail doors were opened they didn’t flee they just waited