Have you every thought about just letting go?
Have you ever thought about throwing in the towel on a situation?
Have you ever thought about giving up on people that you thought you could trust?
You told someone your secrets and before you know it, it was all over the street?
Have you ever thought about giving up on your job?
You end up working really hard and doing the right things but it seems that nothing seems to go your way?
It seems as though as soon as you get the brakes fixed on your car then the alternator goes out?
As soon as you get caught up on the light bill then the telephone gets cut off.
Have you ever been there before? If you have not been there then just keep on living.
The rent or the mortgage is due and your really not making enough money to get ahead.
You get your student loan money and there is still not enough to pay for your books.
Your girlfriend or boyfriend donít want to act right and the children donít want to act right and even the dog starts to growl at you.
If your in business for yourself it seems as though all of your customers donít want to call you back. You canít get any business from anywhere. The phones just seems to stop ringing and you start to get nervous.
The bank account starts to dwindle down and your donít know where the next paycheck is coming from.
On top of that the doctor gives you some bad news. Everyone you know around you is having such as bad time that you donít feel like unloading your problems and your cares upon them. So you end up walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders.
I keep studying and studying but I canít seem to understand this particular subject in school and I am doing my homework but I canít seem to catch on.
You may feel as though your children donít love you anymore or you may feel as though your husband or your wife doesnít love you anymore.
Your start to get in a bad mood and a bad mood turns into depression and the depression turns off your appetite and then you donít have any energy.
You feel as though you donít want to get up in the morning or if you could sleep until your problems run away. But when you wake up there are standing right there at the foot of the bed waiting on you.
You just want to get away and take a vacation and go somewhere but you realize you donít have enough money to catch a bus let alone take off for a couple of days.

You pray to GOD but you feel like the GOD canít hear you or just want answer your prayers. You donít feel like you have the Midas touch but you feel like Medusa and everything you look at turns to stone.

Satan is whispering in your ear telling you that you might as well give up
You might as well not even try to apply for that car because you are not going to get it.
You might as well not even apply for that job because you are qualified for it
Donít go in and ask for that raise because your boss is going to say no.
You shouldnít apply for that promotion because you
Mckinley August
March 21, 2009
You have an anointed ministry