JOHN 20: 30&31

1. (Verse 19)-----He brings peace.

2. Just any room won’t do: It may be the sanctuary, a sunday school room, or a room in your
house, but it has to become occupied by Jesus.

3. He will take away your fear:
a. fear can cause you to doubt
b. fear keeps your mind occupied
c. but peace settles you down so you can receive

4. You may have shut yourself up in a room, but Jesus has the power to come in.

5. (Verse 20)-----When He shows up, his purpose is to make you glad.

6. (Verse 21)-----He doesn’t just happen in by chance-----God sends Him.

7. (Verse 22)-----When He breathes on you something happens:
a. The Holy Ghost comes on you
b. Fear turns to joy
c. You receive power from upon high

8. His power is bigger than your problem.

9. At His presence unclean spirits and even the devil has to flee.

10. And He has the power to make Him take heartache, depression, sickness, and disease off
you when he goes.

11. (Verse 24&25)-----Your ideas and openions will change when He shows up.

12. What you might have said you would have to see before you could believe will change when
He shows up.

13. Thomas made a statement like that:
a.He said, " I have to see the nail prints and put my finger in them and see
the whole in His side and put my hand in it before I can believe."

14. But when Jesus showed up and offered to let Thomas do as he had said, it was different
than Thomas thought. At the presence and in the power of the Lord, Thomas proclaimed,
"My Lord and my God."

15. I can promise you, when He shows up, you will shout my Lord and my God, and at that
moment your walls will come tumbling down.

16. This morning we are believing that the Lord is going to show up because we have been
obedient to what He has told us to do.

17. Because of prayer and fasting, there is nothing impossible to us this morning.

18. I want to encourage you now to begin to make your mind and spirit ready to receive from
God this morning whatever you need.

19. We tend to complicate a simple process by reminding ourselves how bad our situation
is and how long we have had whatever problem we have and nothing has ever changed.

20. Just make up your mind this morning that you are not going home like you came, if you
need a healing.

21. Just in the New Testiment in about five minutes I saw about seventy-five times that the Lord
was involved in healing.

22. But that was Jesus Himself, so our situation is different--------Right?

23. The Bible says in Acts 14 that Paul was preaching the gospel and that a cripple man that had
never walked,