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Where Do We Go From Here?

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Jul 11, 2007

Summary: A look at how to move forward and grow in our spiritual lives.

We have three choices regarding our spiritual lives:

1) We can make the choice to do nothing: to stay where we are.

2) We can make the choice to go in reverse: backtrack

3) We can make the choice to move forward: grow

How can we follow through on our choice to move forward in our spiritual journey with Christ?

1. Moving forward requires FORTITUDE (v. 27-29)

A. Peter needed fortitude because this was something he had never done before.

B. Peter needed fortitude because he didn’t quite know what the outcome would be.

C. Peter needed fortitude because he was stepping outside his comfort zone.

2. Moving forward requires FOCUS (v. 30)

A. Our primary focus is to be on God (cf. John 5:19; Matt. 6:33)

B. Our secondary focus is to be on others (cf. Heb. 10:24)

1 Cor. 6:19-20

3. Moving forward requires FAILURE (v. 30)

A. Peter had to fail; failure is part of moving forward

B. Edison failed for 1 1/2 years

C. Ruth hit 714 homeruns, but struck out 1330 times

D. Biblical "greats" have failed: Moses, Noah, David, Elijah, Jonah, Joshua

Joshua 7:10

4. Moving forward requires FAITH (v. 31)

A. Peter was to determine what Christ wanted him to do (get out of the boat), then do it. He was to leave the outcome to God. That’s faith.

B. Heb. 11:6

C. Moving forward means that we determine the will of God for our lives, then do that will of God, leaving the outcome to God.

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