Text: I Samuel 16:1, 13 Ė 14

In the recent weeks we have had many services in which we have looked closely at the importance of being in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
This emphasis on the Holy Spirit is very important for us to consider as individuals and as a church.

The Holy Spirit is being sent to us by Jesus Christ so that we will have peace, joy, comfort, and (certainly) Godís power to serve Him. We strive to model our lives and our church after the church that we read and study about in the Book of Acts. I trust we all can agree that we must have the presence of the Holy Spirit in full control in each of our services. Without the Pentecostal Power (spoken of in Acts), many of you would not be here. You have come here today because you want and expect more than religious training on how to live.

Without the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, we would be nothing more than a social gathering of friendly people. We have not come here today to only be entertained with good music and a speaker telling us all how to live. As with Moses going up into the mountain to be in the presence of God, we have come today to dwell in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

(Now with the Holy Spirit) God is doing some wonderful things in many of our lives, amen?
What I want to talk to you about this morning is critically important in order for this church to become all that God desires this church to be. I chose this morningís text as a simple illustration for us to see the importance of giving the Holy Spirit complete liberty.

The Nation of Israel was going through a very difficult time when the Lord sent Samuel to the house of Jesse to find Israelís next king. Samuel had become very discouraged with the way things were going with the existing king, (who was named Saul).
ē Saul had not been obedient to the Word of God,
ē Saul had been doing his own thing,
ē Saul was making his own decisions rather than listening exclusively to the Word of God.

Sometimes this happens with Godís people. They put more importance on what they think than what the Word of God has spoken. A lot of problems (if not all of our problems) can be resolved if we would just take time to read Godís Word. We must simply do exactly what it says, amen?

Obedience to Godís Word is sometimes difficult to find in certain Christians. Certain Christians have their own ideas and their own agendas as to how things should be done.

This thinking by certain Christians:
1. Will prevent a church from becoming a healthy church.
2. Will cause a struggling church to be destroyed brought on by murmuring and discord.
Listen. This disobedient behavior will cause Godís plan for His church to fail. Plain and simple!
God demands obedience to His Word.

In our story we can see this to be true.
Samuel was Godís spokesman and prophet and was sent to Saul to tell him exactly what the Word of God said. Saul had opinions and