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Where we belong - Sermon 2


Sermon shared by Hylton Davidson

July 2010
Summary: In order to live life like a great adventure you need to understand the following truth – God wants you to have a good life. Jesus came so that each of us can enjoy life. If you are waiting for all your troubles to go before you begin to enjoy life,
Denomination: Christian Church
Audience: General adults
The Great Adventure Series
Sermon 2
Title: Where we belong
Based on the Music by Steve Curtis Chapman


We continue today with a sermon series based on Steve Curtis Chapman’s musical CD called “The Great Adventure”.

The second song that we are going to be looking at is the song which is called “Where we belong”.

The words go as follows:

1. A gentle breeze was blowing
2. The air was heavenly sweat – life was so complete
3. In a picture perfect garden
4. While the sun went down you could hear the sound
5. Of a man and a woman crying – saying what have we done
6. We made our choice and now we are dying
7. And we’ve got to leave this place and hide from God’s face, but this is

8. Where we belong, where you and I were meant to be (from now on) all along
9. Made by the Father to live in His love
10. It’s the purpose and plan for the heart of man
11. this is where we belong

12. The warm winds of change were blowing
13. After years and years of hopeless tears
14. One man became the doorway
15. That would lead back to the place where life was new
16. A place just like the garden where we walk and talk with God
17. The way creation started
18. Where each heart and soul can come and be whole (this is)

19. Like the stars belong in the sky, like a fish belongs in the water
20. Just like children you and I belong in the hands of the Father.

Steve Curtis Chapman

1. Line 1 to 7

Steve Chapman introduces us to a couple, who seem to have found the perfect life. Almost reminds me of how it was in the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve walked and talked with God.

1. A gentle breeze was blowing
2. The air was heavenly sweat – life was so complete
3. In a picture perfect garden

Everything was so perfect. But just before the sun went down, you could hear the sound of a man and women crying –saying what have we done?

Before the sun went down! Sounds a lot like many of our lives. Things seem to be going great, and then all of a sudden, life turns on us, and everything turns up side down. A perfect life is not so perfect anymore.

The saddest part of the song is line 7 - And we’ve got to leave this place and hide from God’s face!

When life is no longer sweet, we rush off, and try to hide from Gods face.
Even worse, when life deals some of its dreadful blows we raise our hands to heaven and ask God, WHY, WHY ME! As if God had something to do with the problems and difficulties that we face in life.

Some people take it even further; by thinking that it must be God’s desire for them to suffer. And in their suffering, they supernaturally become Holy (Nonsense!).

We have this misconception that life can only be a “Great Adventure” when everything is a bed of roses - when everything is going great.

My message today, is that you are exactly where you belong. In order to live
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