(1 Corinthians 1:10-18)

Let All of You Agree With One Another Paul says)
Be perfectly united and of one mind! In other words, Paul is saying that the church should stand together ,agree with each other, never disagree,
Because the church should be of one mind!
Let there be no divisions among you! Good friends, Paul, is wrong! Or at the very least he is extremely disillusioned

There was a certain pastor who, during his Childrenís time, was speaking to the children about unity. He said to the children, "God wants us to be one"
At which point one of the youngest children
immediately protested. He stood up and crossed his arms and said, "I donít want to be one" There were tears in his eyes, I mean this young man was upset.
The pastor said, "Whatís the matter? Why donít you want to be one like the rest of us?" Little boy said, "Cause Iíve already been one, Iím four now and I want to be five!"

The Thing Is We Never Can And Never Will Be Totally United. We will always disagree because like the little boy in the story, we have come from different perspectives in life. Itís hard enough for us to speak the same language, much less agree all the time
If you donít believe me then letís take a little test:
Are you ready?!
Hoobastank, Papa Roach, Smashmouth.
Now raise your hand if you have any idea who these people are. Keep your hand raised if you like them. Letís try it again!
Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Glenn Miller
Raise your hands if you know who these people are. Keep your hands raised if youíve ever listened to their music. If we arenít even of one mind in music, what makes us think we can be of one mind on other things.

Letís Take It Up A Notch, Shall We? Democrats raise your hands. Republicans raise your hands. See what I mean! Already some of you are looking around the church and youíre saying to yourself, "O.K. now that explains it!, thatís why heís so messed up!"
And an even larger group of you are wanting desperately for the preacher to raise his hand, just so you know what side of the fence heís on. And we havenít really gotten to the controversial stuff yet, not really. I could start asking you to raise your hands on topics like, abortion, gun control, the death penalty, same sex marriages, the War in Iraq, and before we ever reached the hymn of sending forth we could very well start a riot



There Will Always Be Divisions Because When God Created Human Beings We Were Already Divided
As soon as God created Adam and then created Eve and made her different then Adam,you had division. And friends if you donít think there are major differences between men and women, not just physically but emotionally and even spiritually, then youíve obviously not been to Venus.

The book "Men are from Mars, Women