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Where's Your Help Coming From?


Sermon shared by Kymone Hinds

December 2002
Summary: We need to recognize who sustained us through our past and be faithful to Him in the future.
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Denomination: Adventist
Audience: General adults
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My second point is when we look back over this year we realize that we have not been perfect, but we have a God who never did leave us nor forsake us.
He didnít give up on us.
He didnít throw in the towel on our lives.
He is slow to anger somebody and plenteous in mercy.
Iím so glad that he lifted me out of the miry clay of my mistakes.
He set me free. He set me free.

Tell the bait-layer, the enemy of our souls, the devil that God set us free by His blood, by His power, we are free. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

As I close today, verse 8 gives us our resolution for every New Year.
When you are looking back, never forget to look up.
When you are looking forward, never forget to look up.

ďOur help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.Ē

You see church as we face the unknown year ahead of us there is only one thing we should fear.

In Life Sketches p. 196, Ellen White writes that, ďWe have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.Ē

The only problem we have is when we forget where our help came from.

Looking back over our lives this year, we should never believe that our help came from our bank account.
Our help didnít come from where we live or what we drive.
Our help didnít come from the schools we went to.
Our help didnít come the Democrats or the Republicans.
Our help didnít come from the bottle or some pills.
Our help didnít come from any man or woman.
Our help didnít come from who or what we know.

No our help came from the Lord.

We made it this year because He took us through our troubles.
We made it this year because when the going got tough, God got tougher. We made it this year because for every problem He was the problem solver. We made it this year because for every rushing water in our lives, He was a bridge over troubled waters.
We made it because for every heartache that we had he was a heart fixer.
We made it because every time we fell, He picked us up.
Every time we were knocked down He told us to get back up again.
Every time we failed, He covered us with His victory.

We made it because our help came from the Lord.

Now this year may be over and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, but let me tell you that the next year is one in which we donít know whatís ahead.
Itís like walking into a dark alley where you know trouble will be waiting for you.
If you are wise, you donít go into a dark alley alone.

You need to know that if something happens to you, youíve got help. Someoneís got your back. Before you go into that dark alley you need to know where your help is coming from.
Do you know where your help is coming from? Is He with you?

Well today as we go into the great unknown called a New Year, I challenge you with this:

Some may trust in horses and chariots.
Some may trust in stocks and bonds.
Some may trust in clothes and fashion,

But our help comes from the Lord.

Some may believe in their friends and family.
Some may believe in their favorite superstar.
Some may look to preachers and pastors,

But our help comes from the Lord.

Some may look to their three story houses.
Others look at their fancy cars,
Some look at the clothes they are wearing.

But our help comes from the Lord.

Our help, our help, our
Comments and Shared Ideas
Gordon A Ward Jr
March 3, 2013
this is a really great sermon! Praise God for His leading in your life....I am going overseas for a bit soon and this is the exact thing my heart wants to leave with my congregation.....thank you!
James Ford of Christ Bible Church
December 27, 2008
Thank you for a very inspirational message MARANATHA

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