“Who’s running the show”
by rev. Thomas B. Gates

Text:1 Sam. 4:1-11
Explain the ark of the covenant

Intro: Explain what’s happening

There is a lot of things that we need to know about God, if were going to serve him in a way that’s pleasing to him. Now Israel realized that they were in trouble, because God was not with them, and so they went about it trying to get God in their presence and they went about it the wrong way. And they discovered some things that I believe would help us if we would discover them as well, if we want to live for the lord.

1. God Will Not Be Used!!
Verse 3.
Now they Sent for the Ark and wanted it to
come among them.
Not that they may serve God or worship God
or that they might reverence him.
- they wanted the presence of the lord for their own personal use!
really in essence it bordered on superstition.
They said ,”if we can just get the ark of the covenant then that’s all that we will need.

So we find that they wanted to use God for their own personal use, but I want you to know that God didn’t fall for it!
We see a lot of folks that try to do the same thing:
we see some that may be having family problems,
and they say well if we can just go to church
then everything will work out.
or they may have financial problems and
they’ll get in church, or
if there is sickness in the family they come
and say well we have got to get in church they
think that it will solve all their problems.

We need to realize and understand,
Now if your coming to church for the right reason
that is fine, but what we have go to understand
is that:

God is not going to be used like a mop or a dish rag, or maybe when we spill our cup of tea over and we need God to come and wipe it up for us, Amen
now that’s the way a lot of folks try to use him
When they get in trouble they want to go get him and use him.
But as soon as he cleans up the mess then back on the stand he goes until they need him again.

- Now what we need to see is just like he wouldn’t
let Israel use him, he wont let us either! And
Israel found out the hard way. They thought that
as soon as their good luck charm got their then that
was all that it was going to take.

But God showed then that he was not the kind of God that was going to be used.
We Need to realize that there is more to it than just
showing up at church
or wearing a cross around a necklace
or carrying a bible around
There is also serving!
So they found out that they would not use God and so they lost the battle and lost the presence of the lord.

Now after the philistines took the ark of the covenant back home they said
“oh we have accomplished a great thing”, and so they took the ark and they place it in the house of their God “Dagon”

Tell about Chapter 5.

2. The lord will not share his glory with any
other God.
We have got a lot of folks who say