Sunday Morning, December 5th, 2004

Let us pray


We are now in the final month of the year 2004, and today is the second Sunday of the
Advent season. It is a time of cel-e-bra-tion of our Lordís coming to earth as God In-car-
nate; God in the flesh. Last Sunday we talked about The Eternal Word, and we said if
people want to know what God is like they can look at Je-sus; and if people want to know
what Je-sus is like they should be able to look at you and at me.

In our Bible class last Wednesday night, Sis. Kitchen challenged us to live holy lives.We
are called out from the world, and sent back into the world to be a witness for our Lord.
We were reminded that somebody is watching the way we live, and so we should let our
light shine in a darkened world. Our key verse for this year is taken from Matthew 5 verse
16, and it says, Let your light so shine...................................Our theme for the year is,
Glorifying God, everything we do, and everything we say should be done to glorify God.
How well are you glorifying God as a child of God? ........elaborate....

Even though we are in the Advent season, we are going to take a slight detour, and we
will be looking at Numbers 13 verses 25 through 33 as our Scripture reading for today.
This is found on page 5 of your bulletin. Letís all stand and read together. Please tell
someone, Itís alright to believe God.

I will be using as my to-pic for to-day, Whose Report will you believe? Number
One.........Will you believe the negative report of the majority? or Number Two......Will
you believe the positive report of the minority?

Today we are hearing all kinds of reports, and it is important as to whose report will you
believe. We listen to the weather report which might say, today you will be having
scattered snow fall in the evening, and by tomorrow morning you will be having 6 to 8
inches of snow, so if you donít have to go outside, it is best to stay inside. God has given
you a special assignment for tomorrow, and God has assured you that you will have a fair
day, it will be cold, but there will be no snow.Whose report will you believe, the weather
report or God? You have prayed to God for your son who has been diagnosed with
cancer, and God has told you that he would be alright, but the doctors have told you he
has only 6 more months to live. Whose report will you believe, the doctorís report or
God? You have no money to do your shopping at Christmas time to buy those things that
are needed, your friends have told you to give up because God has forgotten you; but God
has promised to supply your needs. Whose report will you believe? Your friends report
or God? You are somewhat discouraged as you come to the house of God, and see just a
few people, someone whispered to you, whatís the use, but God told you he will not leave
you nor forsake you and everything will be alright. Whose report will you belive? That
someone or the