Whose Your Daddy?
1 Samuel 17:12-58

How many dads in the room remember the day that you became a father? I donít know the circumstances surrounding the delivery of your first child, but I know it was a proud and scary moment.

It used to be that husbands always waited out in the waiting room for news of the delivery.

There was a group three of expectant fathers waiting for such news in the hospital waiting room.

A nurse came in and announced to one man that his wife had just given birth to twins. ďThatís a coincidence Ė I play for the Minnesota Twins!

A few minutes later the nurse reentered the waiting room to find an other father to report that his wife had just had triples. Thatís amazing Ė he exclaimed Ė I work for 3M company!

At that point, the third man slipped off his chair and fell to the floor. When the nurse came over to check what could be the matter he told her Ė I work for 7Up company!

It can be a scare thing to bring children into todayís world.

Top 10 things that Fatherís Say:

10. Donít ask me, ask your mother
9. Donít worry Ė itís only blood
8. Get your elbows off the table
7. A little dirt never hurt anyone Ė just wipe it off
6. Donít make me stop this car!
5. This will hurt me a lot more that it will hurt you
4. Do I look like Iím made of money?
3. Two wrongs donít make a right
2. No, were not there yet!
1. When I was your ageÖ

People and especially Children will remember what we did more that what we saidÖ

It was an extremely hot, muggy day in Seattle. I was riding the bus from Northwest College to my car which I had left in the Park and Ride lot just outside of Kent, Washington on my way home.

It was Friday and people were trying to get home from a long week. Everyone seemed tired by excited for the weekend because it wasnít raining.

In Seattle, you can meet all kinds of people with different personalities. That day would be no different. As we were riding down the street one man jumped to his feet and began yelling and cursing about things and people all around him. It went on for several blocks and the bus driver was getting increasingly agitated and those riding the bus were getting increasingly ashamed for the screaming man.

Soon, the man pulled the cord signaling a desire to get off at the next stop. After the bus stopped, the name calmly walked (like a different person) to the door and the driver said these wordsÖ

ďSir youíve left something...Ē What? Iíve not left anything. ďYou left a bad impressionĒ

Fatherís what are we leaving behind? What kind of impression are leave with our children?

Erma Bombeck wrote these words about her fatherÖ

One morning my father didnít get up and go to work. He went to the hospital and died the next day. I hadnít thought that much about him before. He was just someone who left and came home and seemed glad to see everyone at night. He opened the jar of pickles when no one else could.