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Why Does Sin Seem so Right?
Dear God letter
Research on sin and the Devil
Barna numbers: 2005
60% of adults say Satan is not a living being
46% of born again believers deny Satan’s existence
73% of Catholics say the Devil doesn’t exist
See the problem
Sin is a Part of Who We Are!
Spiritually speaking there are 2 types of people
Old Self
“Flesh” in the Bible or “sinful nature”
Romans 8:3
Sinful nature v. Original sin
Prone to sin
Everyone has this
Everyone before they become Christians
Most of the world is living here
And they don’t even know it
New Self
This is after you become a Christian
Romans 8:1
Refers back to 6:4-7
So why do we continue to sin?
We are in a battle Eph. 6:12
We have forgotten about it
Paul says in Romans 7 that it is constant
A constant battle with the flesh
Satan Makes Sin Look so Good!
How do you picture Satan?
Do you believe he is real?
Like this? (play video)
Actually he is disguised as an angel of light
2 Cor. 11:14
This means he makes things tempting
God doesn’t tempt us, Satan does
Satan packages things real nice
Lust as Love
Gossip as Prayer Requests
Self-centeredness as Self-esteem
All sin seems so right because Satan makes it look so good
So what?
Your sin separates you from God
God, through your sin, provided a way back to Him
Jesus Christ

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