it or understand it. They replied yes. You can expect that kind of interpretation and blind following of the leaders in cults. Unfortunately, it happens in Fundamental circles!
I heard one man teach that the trumpets in Numbers 10 were the Old and New Testaments and that the trumpeters were preachers. Does this type of interpretation sound familiar? This was in a super, fighting, Fundamental Baptist Church by a man who graduated from a highly respected school. He could no more prove that than the Mormons. His people believed it because he said it. They would say that I was "up against the preacher" if I challenged that interpretation. One of his deacons said that he would believe the pastor if he said a black wall was white. Shades of Jim Jones! Church member, you are as responsible for rightly dividing the Word of Truth as the pastor. I doubt that God will let you off by saying, "I only believed what my preacher told me." If it is error, you will be called into account!
Using expository preaching would solve another problem. I call it pulling Oreo cookies out of a Vanilla Wafer box. False advertising or packaging, if you please. This happens when a man reads his text or passage and then preaches a message that might be very good in content but is not related to his text. You sit there bewildered trying to figure out why he used the text he did. Since the Biblical definition of preaching is proclaiming or heralding the truth, let us do that and stop trying to be flowery orators with no power.

V. You can preach the WHOLE counsel of God systematically.

Some people will never hear a message out of Obadiah, Habakkuk, Philemon or Hebrews (unless it is Hebrews 13:17) because the Spirit just never seems to lead the preacher to those books. Yet, God took the trouble to lead someone to write those books. I am sure He must want them read and taught.
Systematic preaching, which still needs the Spiritís leading and anointing to be effective, will give new converts time to grow before you hit some sore spots. It also gives you more opportunity to meet more peopleís needs more often. Repetition is good and God does repeat doctrines. However, if you pick a list of four or five dirty subjects and continually hammer those points you will desensitize your people. You will also miss a lot of other sins as well as leave many needs unmet as you try to meet those needs based only upon your feelings or perspective.
Constant repetition of a dirty dozen of doís (or doníts) can lead to a false sense of security and self-righteousness while carnality is rampant in the pews. A member may attend faithfully, tithe, not smoke or drink but, what about his pride, peevishness, laziness, etc?

VI. Principles taught now prepare for applications later.

I have found it is best to lay solid bedrock of principles before you make specific applications. Humanism, materialism, New Age philosophy, and many other "isms"