Psalms 85: 6 & Psalms 51 10 - 13

Intro:A. If We look in the dictionary the word revival has two meanings listed
1. A series of meetings for the purpose of reawakening religious faith
2. A restoration to use, activity, or vigor after a period of lackluster or lackadaisical effort
B. David describes what revival meant to him in Psalms 51 10 Ė 13
C. The real reason that our church doesnít experience revival is that the question is worded all wrong
1. The church isnít a thing that can experience revival --- The church is made up of people
(a) So the real question is ď Why do people not experience revival ď
(b) Or even more to the point ď Why donít I experience revival in my own life ď
D. A series of meetings in the church is no more a revival that a group of guys holding a football is a
football game
1. Most churches hold a series of meetings periodically with a visiting evangelist and call it revival
(a) But revival isnít necessarily a group thing
(b) Revival happens when individuals realize that they arenít as close as they should be and ask the
Lord to Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me
(c) Revival takes place when individual Christians pray Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation.
E. I have no doubt whatsoever that we have many Christians here this morning who need revival
1. Christians who are simply going through the motions or playing church
2. I wonder --- How many will experience revival in their lives this morning
(a) And I wonder --- Of those who donít ď What is it that keeps us from having revival ď
F. This morning I want us to look at 3 things that keep individuals from being revived

I. Pride
A. We donít want to admit to others ( or sometimes even to ourselves ) that we need revival
1. We have the attitude of the man heard falling from the 40 story building as he was falling ď Iím still OK ď
2. We compare ourselves to others and we come out pretty good
(a) I may not be as spiritual as some, may not be as active or as close as I used to be, but Iím still better
than a lot of other people are
B. Remember Davidís reason for wanting & needing to be revived --- He had lost the joy of his salvation
1. We still come to most of the services if nothing else comes up and if we feel good and arenít too tired
2. We open our song books and half heartedly sing the songs
3. We hear most of what the preacher has to say even if our mind does wander sometimes ( I wonder how
many could tell me what the message was about last Sunday )
4. We pray every day or at least most every day --- Maybe not on our knees but we say our quick prayers
5. We read & study the