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After one surgey, 3-4 years ago, the doctors said, "Itís a miracle the cancer didnít spread to other areas of your body. It would have been critical."

Even if you donít believe in God, and you pray--things happen. One person used to be criticized for believing in answered prayer...People called it coincidence. He said, "I donít care what you call it. When I pray--coincidences happen. When I donít pray, they donít happen. Iíll keep praying for coincidences then." Thatís what science is revealing more and more. Prayer does affect things.

Article in Medical field about prayer. God M.D.

ILLUS: Dr. Dale Matthews from Georgetown Medical Center in Wash D.C. "I can say, as a physician and scientist...that, scientifically, prayer is good for you. The medical effects of faith on health are not a matter of faith, but of science."

Ex.. One scientific report of 400 patients--coronary care unit. at SF General Hospital. Tracked over a 10 month period. 192 (almost half) patients were entered into an intercessory prayer group (they had people praying for them and didnít know it).

Those who were prayed for had less heart failure during recovery, had less pneumonia, and cardiopulmonary arrests.

Ex..700 patients at a Veterans Hospital. One group received lengthy visits and prayer from Chaplains. The other, very little contact. The extra time the chaplains gave cost hospital about $100/patient. However, discharge rate was much higher, and had a healthier recovery. It actually saved the hospital $4000 per case.

Several more examples--these two give you a taste of the current studies being done on prayer and healing. I could give you similar cases in terms of addictions, finances, and family, and jobs opening up.

Harvard has been studying the connection between prayer and healing for some time now, and have reached some conclusions that praying is more than simply a placebo or an emotional activity. There are qualitative and scientific results that take place when people pray.

However, letís be realistic for a minute. Prayer does not give 100% returns like we expect. While most patients do better, some donít. Sometimes people pray for a job, a relationship, an addiction, a stressful situation, and we donít get the results we hoped.

5 reasons why some of our prayers donít work.

1. Our motives are wrong. Not praying to God, weíre talking to ourselves.

ILLUS: Praying for a job offer that came through. Husband tells his wife, I really need to pray this thing over. You go upstairs and pack. Motive not Godís wisdom, but self-talk.

ILLUS: Missionaries to prayed, Lord send us anywhere in the world and weíll go. Just donít send us to South America. Where did they end up? South America. Only then do they have trust in God.

"When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so you may spend what you get on your own pleasures." James 4:3.

2. Unrealistic

ILLUS: Little boy prayed