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Why We Believe In The Bodily (Literal) Resurrection Of Christ


Sermon shared by Don Paden

April 2007
Summary: This Message presents the supporting Evidences for the Reality of The Resurrection of Jesus
Audience: Believer adults
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John Warwick Montgomery (History and Christianity, Downers Grove, IL. 60515: lnter-Varsity Press, 1964. Used by permission) comments:

"Note that when the disciples of Jesus proclaimed the resurrection, they did so as eyewitnesses and they did so while people were still alive who had contact with the events they spoke of. In 56 A.D. Paul wrote that over 500 people had seen the risen Jesus and that most of them were still alive (I Corinthians 15:6 ff.). It passes the bounds of credibility that the early Christians
could have manufactured such a tale and then preached it among those who might easily have refuted it simply by producing the body of Jesus."

Bernard Ramm (Protestant Christian Evidences, Moody Press. 1953) writes:

"if there were no resurrection it must be admitted by radical critics that Paul deceived the apostles of an actual appearance of Christ to him. and they in turn deceived Paul about the appearances of a risen Christ to them. How difficult it is to impugn the evidence of the Epistles at this point when they have such strong validation as authentic!"

HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY WOULD BE NECESSARY TO CONVINCE AN UNBELIEVER? 500 PEOPLE AT ONE TIME SAW HIM ALIVE AFTER HIS RESURRECTION!!!!! THERE COMES A POINT WHEN MORE TESTIMONY WOULD BE RIDICULOUS AND UNNECESSARY. (COMPARE JOHN 3:12; LUKE 16:27-31) The fact remains: Jesus was crucified. Jesus did die. The Roman Soldiers saw to that. The Roman Government Officials confirmed it and sealed the tomb in which he was buried with an official Roman Seal. Then He was seen alive - over and over again - not just once but many time - by many witnesses in many different circumstances. The claim (accusation) that the disciples wanted so badly to believe that He was alive that they concocted the story is too ridiculous and far-fetched to receive serious consideration. By their own testimony, they did not believe He was going to rise again after they saw Him die, and to a man refused to believe and accept the report that He was alive when told. But one by one, they were backed into a corner (so to speak) and forced to come face to face with the Living Christ. He assured them that He was real - that His Resurrected Life (body) was real. He invited (urged) them to touch Him, to feel Him, and to see that it was really He and not a spirit. He even took a piece of broiled fish and ate it.

Almost to a man everyone of them laid down their lives in order to proclaim Christ and His Resurrection, and they did so willingly and gladly. Men do not willingly give their lives for that which they know is false or that about which they have serious doubts. What do we owe them - and the Christ - whose resurrection they witnessed - those who left their indelible testimony imprinted upon the sands of time ?????? We owe them the response of Thomas: You remember He said that He would not believe (The Resurrection Story) unless He could see, touch, and feel the prints the nails made in Jesus’ hands, and the scar the spear made in His Side. When confronted with the living Christ, his response was: MY LORD AND MY GOD!!!!

WE BELIEVE IN THE LITERAL, BODILY RESURRECTION OF CHRIST BECAUSE OF THE BEGINNING AND CONTINUATION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. The beginning of the church is recorded in Acts 2. The only power sufficient to bring the church into existence
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