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Why would anyone want to back t o Egypt when the Promis Land is Yours!


Sermon shared by Melvin Maughmer, Jr.

August 2012
Summary: For the Children of Israel Egypt was their place of bandage, held in captivity for hundreds of years they suffered a cruel and inhumane lifestyle. They began to worship idols and assume all characteristics of their captors. However, God heard their desp
Denomination: Apostolic
Audience: General adults
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[them that were] in the uttermost parts of the camp”, because they complained. Numbers 12:1 it says, “And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman.” Because they complained Miriam became leprous and had to sit outside the camp because she grumbled and complained against Moses, Aaron because he murmured and complained died without being able to see the promise land. Numbers 16, you read about the “rebellion of Korah” when the ground opened up and swallowed up all those that complained and murmured against Moses and Aaron and then the fire of the Lord came and consumed 250 people who complained.
Beware of grumbling and complaining.
HISTORY:- The Children of Israel were slaves for around 400 years. They were in Egypt because there was a famine in the land Genesis 41:56. Genesis 42:1 Jacob tells his sons to go to Egypt and buy corn to survive the famine. The providence of God had caused Joseph to be in place and be the anointed one that would save his family during the famine. You know the story Josephs brothers sold him into slavery because of jealousy many years later God had elevated Joseph to second in command in Egypt. When the famine came Egypt was prepared because Pharaoh listened and heeded the words of Joseph. When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy corn Joseph recognized his brothers and had the entire family come to Egypt to live. They came to Egypt as 70 souls and they multiplied greatly while they were there. As a matter of fact they went from being a family to becoming a nation while in Egypt.
As life happens Joseph and the Pharaoh died and the older generation passed off the scene. The new Pharaoh didn’t know Joseph or the relationship the Pharaoh and Joseph had and when he looked and saw the Children of Israel had become a nation of people he feared them and put them into slavery. After hundreds of years of slavery their mindset was that of slaves.
They were treated ruthlessly, killed indiscriminately, criticized, ridiculed, beaten, emasculated, abused, mistreated, plundered and many other things were done to them. Even though they were industrious and raised as Hebrews believing in the promise of God they became the product of their environment and turned to Idolatry because that was the norm of the culture they operated in.
It’s a terrible to become the product of your environment when the environment is so corrupt and ungodly as it was then and as it is now.
WATCH THIS:- When the Children of Israel were led out of Egypt by Moses, through the power of God it was all miracles, all power, all excitement, it was joy unspeakable and full of glory but just a little while later the honeymoon was over. The joy and happiness had turned to complaining and grumbling. They now had to believe God and trust Him for all of their provision, which HE was faithful to deliver, but it was a place of just enough, all of the variety they once were used to although they were in bondage was not available and they began to reflect on what it used to be like.
They no longer had idol gods to look at but they had to operate in faith and trust a God that was too Holy for them to look upon. They had been conditioned to walk by sight and not by faith. Their comfort zone and area of operating
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