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Will God send good people to hell?


Sermon shared by Wayne Doyle

May 2004
Summary: How to win this generation to christ
Denomination: Pentecostal
Audience: Seeker adults
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neighbors, they visit the sick, they donate to charities, but they never have anything to do with God. They ignore his nvitations to come and check out Godís Hotel. (John 3:3)

There are also, many evil people in this Hotel who live their entire lives hurting people; stealing, lying, and sleeping with people other than their spouse. These people never have a desire to know about Godís Hotel, even though they may pass by every day. They too ignore invitations to come and check out Godís Hotel. (Rev. 21:8, I Co. 6:9-10)

There are many intellectuals at this Hotel. They want to debate, dissect, and discuss Godís plan and they tend to tell God what he can and cannot do. (A word about these folks in my next sermon.) They ignore invitations to come and check out Godís Hotel because they have put God in their little box and they feel they are smarter than God. ďThe Fool has said in his heart, ĎThere is no God.íĒ (Ps. 14:1, Ps. 53:1)

Now the guest in these two hotels reaches the point in their lives when it is time for them to die. As they check in at graveside (Heb. 9:27) they will find that after death there are no choices on which hotel you will spend eternity in. they have made their choice and they alone are responsible for that choice. (John 3:16-17, Luke 16:19-31)

The guest from Godís Hotel will approach the desk and the angel will turn to his laptop and say, ďGreat news! We have upgraded your reservation to our Resort Hotel with full membership status at no charge. The price was paid in advanced by Godís own Son. He is anxiously waiting to meet you. He will then turn to the Captain of the Security Guard and say, ďPlease show him to the UP elevator.Ē

Now faced with the alternatives of Heaven or Hell, the guest from the Worlds Hotel will run to Godís Hotel and try to register, but the angel at the desk will turn to his laptop computer and say to the person, depending on his status:

ē Sir you had a room reserved here for a short time, but you decided to check out, and you never came back. Since we never heard from you we canceled your reservation. (Parable of the sower, Luke 8:5).
ē Sir you never reserved a room in this hotel. Our records show that you chose to ignore the invitations we sent out to you. (Christians who tried to tell you about Christ) The choice was yours and yours alone. Then he will turn to the Captain of the Security Guard and say, ďPlease show him to the Down Elevator.Ē


So you see God does not send good people to burn in hell. It was their choice to go there. (Luke 16:19)

Where is your reservation being held today? Have you made reservations at Godís Hotel, or are you too busy to be bothered with God?

I would be remiss before God today, if I failed to tell you; If you have not reserved a room in Godís Hotel then at the end of this life Hell awaits you.

Reservations are easy to make at Godís Hotel. Ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart, forgive you of your sins, and turn away from your old life style. Then get involved in a Bible teaching Church where you can be taught and grow in your faith.

If you go on vacation you would most likely take a road map to insure you are on the right road to get to your desired destination. If you would not leave for vacation without a road map, why
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Ron Hess
October 18, 2006
simplistic and effective

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