“Do for Others What They Cannot Do for Themselves”
Joseph and Pharaoh
Joseph was an inmate, until Pharaoh needed what he had to offer. Joseph moved from
prisoner to prime minister in Egypt because he did for Pharaoh what the leader could not
do for himself. His gift made him indispensable.
What’s interesting to me is that we all have gifts to offer others. God has placed inside of
us strengths we are to use to benefit others. Everyone has something we all need. So, here
is the $50,000 question:
Why Don’t We Do for Others What They Cannot Do for Themselves?
FEAR AND INTIMIDATION: We’re afraid we won’t measure up.
Joseph was not intimidated to use his God-given gifts in the palace.
Frequently we don’t step out because we’re afraid of failure. What if we can’t do it? The
fear that we won’t measure up to perfection has kept many gifted people idle when they
should have acted. Joseph overcame this fear by believing the value he added if he was
right far outweighed the price he’d pay if he was wrong.. His life was on the line—but he
ventured out to offer wisdom to a Pharaoh who desperately needed it.
PRIDE AND EGO: We’re too self-centered with our resources.
Joseph was able to maintain perspective by crediting God with his ability.
Often, we are afraid of giving away “too much.” After all—it’s our intellectual property!
Joseph overcame this obstacle by declaring he didn’t have the ability to interpret the
Pharaoh’s dream—but God did. He was well aware that his “gift” really wasn’t his at all.
He was stewarding a gift from God, and it was to be used to advance His fame.
GREEDY WITH OUR TIME: We keep score on how much we give.
Joseph offered a relevant service without asking for payment or recognition.
Too many of us give to others—but with strings attached. We keep score along the way,
and stop giving the moment we feel we’re being used. We’re busy people. Too busy to be
too generous. This attitude limits our value because our focus is on what we’re giving up
not what they’re gaining. Joseph gave his gift away without a thought of asking for
payment. In return, he was surprised by being named prime minister of Egypt.
SCARCITY MINDSET: We stop at doing the bare minimum for others.
Joseph not only diagnosed the problem but he prescribed a solution as well.
Sometimes when we give what others need—we stop at doing only what they’ve asked.
We dare not be extravagant. Joseph shocked everyone when he not only gave a supernatural
interpretation of the dream, but a solution on how to handle the situation.
LACK OF VISION: We don’t see how our action could make any difference.
Joseph saw God’s hand in Pharaoh’s dream and in the significance of his response.
Too often, we don’t do more for others because we just don’t believe it will make much
difference. We’re just adding a “drop in the bucket” we say. Joseph may have had no idea
how much he was changing history—but I’m glad he chose to risk and offer what he had.