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Women of God
Romans 16

One challenge facing the church today is the growing controversy concerning the role of women in the church. Some may say that women are not treated fairly in the church because they are not allowed to preach or hold a leadership role such as Elder or Deacon.
The problem is that we focus too much on the negative, things that are only authorized for a man to do, and ignore the fact that except for Preaching in worship and serving as an Elder or Deacon, women can and should do everything a man can do.
I. Phoebe. Romans 16:1–2
A. A deaconess - servant, set apart for service.
B. A great help to many.
C. She delivered Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.
II. Priscilla. Romans 16:3–5
A. Notice, she is mentioned ahead of her husband, which is highly irregular.
B. She taught Apollos the gospel. Acts 18:24–26
1. Priscilla is mentioned first.
2. Notice: they invited and explained.
C. She risked her life for Paul. (Perhaps as Ephesus in Acts 19.)
D. She gave her home for two house churches.
1. Ephesus. 1 Cor. 16:19
2. Rome. Romans 16:5
III. Mary. Romans 16:6
A. One of six “Mary’s” mentioned in the NT.
B. She “worked very hard” for the church.
C. Nothing is said of her husband. Single? Widowed?
IV. Tryphena and Tryphosa. Romans 16:12
A. Presumed to be twins.
B. Worked hard, “In the Lord.”
V. Persis. Romans 16:12
A. Paul calls her a “dear friend.”
B. Worked “very” hard in the Lord.
VI. Rufus’ Mother. Romans 16:13
A. Who was this woman?
1. Mark 15:21
2. Possibly the wife of Simon.
B. The mother of a great man of God.
C. Paul considered her like his own mother. Mark 10:29–30
The church today needs strong women as servants of Christ.
A woman’s role is by no means limited but rather wide open.