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Wrong Turns, Wrong Roads, and Dead Ends
1 Sam. 28:3-25
A man and his wife had just moved to town, and he was coming home from his first day at work. As heís driving down the highway, his cell phone rings, and itís his wife. ďGeorge, I just had to call you and tell you to be careful. I just heard on the radio that some nut got off the on ramp and is now driving the wrong way down HWY 280!Ē ďItís worse than that!" said George, "Iím driving home on 280 and itís not just one car. Itís hundreds of them!"
Youíve probably never made that big of a mistake on the road, but most of us have made some wrong turns here and there. Jennifer usually does the navigating when we drive for just that reason: I have almost no sense of direction. I could get almost get lost on a playground, much less the interstate. Fortunately most wrong turns are no big deal if youíre willing to trace your steps back to where you left the right road, and to ask directions (unless youíre a man.)
But sometimes taking a wrong turn can be serious business, especially when youíre talking about the road of your life. In Matt. 7:13-14 Jesus Christ once said every one of us is walking down one of two roads: one wide road that leads to death, and a narrow road that leads to life. His words imply that making a wrong turn in life is not just inconvenient, but disastrous.
I want to talk to you this morning about a man who made some disastrously wrong turns in his life. His name is Saul, and he was like most people who make a wrong turn: he didnít realize the danger until it was too late. From this tragic episode in his sad life, I hope you and I can learn to avoid wrong turns, and most of all, to realize that if youíve made a wrong turn this morning, itís not too late to turn around. Would you look with me at 1 Sam. 28:3-25?
Father, we ask you to help us read our map this morning. You have given us your Word, the Bible, as a roadmap for life. You have given us your Son Jesus, Who told us He is the Way. You have given us Your Holy Spirit, whom Jesus promised would lead us into all truth. As we read this morning, let us hear Your Voice speak through Your Word and Your Spirit to our hearts about Your Son. Help us recognize some of the wrong turns we are prone to make, and help us learn to stay on the right road. For those who need to start the journey on the narrow road this morning, I pray you will show them the danger they are in, and give them the courage to turn around and come to Christ, Who is the only Way to Heaven. For all You have done for us and all You will do today, we praise you and thank you, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Letís begin by pointing out a very real danger about wrong turns in life:
Iíve noticed a lot of differences between the way GA and TN handle their road signs. First of all, GA posts a lot more signs than TN does, especially in rural areas.
Second of all, on the interstates,