Yet, I will still praise thee.

Open in Prayer.
~ Habakkuk 3: 17-18
~ All of these things were happening but he still praised the Lord.
~ Even though I wasnít getting an increase in pay at work and the bills werenít paid, I still praised him.
~ Through the thick and thin we have to praise the Lord.
~ Thereís power in Praise.

Praise him in the good and bad.
~ Acts 16:22-34
~ Paul and Silas was in prison for preaching the Gospel.
~ While they were in prison they prayed and praised God.
~ God opened the doors of the prisons and
~ Even though they were in prison and bound by shackles they still praised God.
~ The guard began to praise God.
~ The guard and his family got saved.

God will go before you in Praise.
~ Isaiah 45:1,2-3/II Chronicles 20: 17-24
~ God went before Judah and Jerusalem. ( the people who praised him.)
~ God goes before people who will praise and worship him.
~ All God wants is someone who will praise him.
~ Acts 12:5-11
~ Paul was bound by chains. The church was in constant prayer. The Angel of the Lord came and set Paul free. God went before them and set the iron gates to open before their own accord.

Thereís prosperity in Praising Him.
~ Judah and Jerusalem decided to praise God and God gave them their enemyís possession.
~ They were there for 4 days and still had an abundance of valuables.
~ God went before them set-up ambushes and made it easy for Jerusalem to defeat them.
~ When we praise the Lord He goes before us and makes our road easy.

~ When we praise God, He goes before us and sets everything straight. We never have to worry about anything because he is with us.

Close in Prayer.
Jean Atkins
April 11, 2008
short sermon but said a lot. Very encouraging Regardless of our circumstances we are admonished to Praise the Lord. For the song says when praises go up blessings come down. Thank you for your message.