evil forces that could harm him and destroy him. He knew that the only reliable protection for his life was the divine protection of God. He wanted God to keep him from evil. He sought a supernatural covering over his life . He wanted a preventive defence that would keep evil away from him. He desired that divine protection from God.

7.PLEASURE ? that it may not grieve me..?
Jabez desired that his life should not be marred with needless grief and pain and agony. He wanted a life of joy and happiness . He knew that only God can grant such a blessing on his life.As the scriptures say ?At His right hand are pleasures for evermore? He wanted God to grant such a blessing in his life .He did not want to live with a wounded and broken heart all his life. He wanted the Lord to keep such grief away from his life.
This prayer was acceptable in the sight of the Lord and we find that ?God granted him that which he requested ? May the prayer of Jabez be our prayer too and may God grant us that which we request and may our lives and destinies be changed from pitiable conditions to prosperous and blessed ones.