the world. Without my plumbing job you would go hungry.
You know, Gene was exactly right and I know that is a same core value that Lawrie Anderson shared as well. I have my job so that you can do your job. What would happen if everyone in the church decided they were to be foreign missionaries? Our fantasies would like to kick and think that we would have mass world revival but the truth is, the church would collapse. I think the church in general has attempted to hide this truth or at least make it a truth that is not spiritual or politically correct so while we live by this truth no one wants to out and out say it, but I want to say it this morning because it is the truth and it is Godís design. The church needs you, everyday laypeople to hold jobs, to have great careers, to make money so that we can do the work God has called us to do as pastors and missionaries. Terry Cooprider believes and teaches that God blesses us so that we can be blessings to others. God intent was not to get you a good job so that you could hoard and store away in barns but rather so that you could share that blessing with other people. You see, every part is needed in Godís kingdom for the church to be what the church should be.
This is not breath taking spiritual truth and almost seems sort of worldly or dirty that the church is talking about money and jobs. But I think it is an awesome truth. Do you believe that God has called you to work the job he has called you to and that calling is just as important as my calling to be a pastor? Look at this way, by you working that 40 hour work week and being gracious in your giving to the church you are allowing me to stand by your hospital bed as you suffer through surgery, you allow me to stand next to people facing physical trauma and their faith and beliefs are being shaken to the core, you allow me to walk with people like your through the shadow of death as you pass from this life to the next. Your job allows missionaries to take Jesus message of salvation to the far reaches of the earth as well as the soup kitchens and shelters of downtown St. Paul. By ever part doing what it is suppose to be doing, every other part is able to do what it is suppose to be doing and in so doing the body of those who call themselves Christís followers in a very real way can become the body of Jesus Christ.
Iíve cut the sermon a bit short this morning because when it comes to these type of issues, I think it is healthy for us to hear and learn from one another. So I ask you, what you think of this idea that you have a part to play in this thing called the body of Jesus Christ.

I would like to do one more thing before we go this morning. I would like to pass out something for everyone to take home.
(I passed out puzzle pieces and had everyone write on them: ďI have a part to playĒ. I then asked them to place them in their home in a prominent place to remind them that they are valuable and needed in the kingdom