You Smell Like Hell
Text: Jude 22 25
By: Ken McKinley

Well we are finishing up our study of Jude tonight, and we are going to be looking at verses 20 through 25 so lets go ahead and turn to the book of Jude and read the last few verses there (read). Ive titled my sermon tonight, You Smell Like Hell! And Ill explain why Ive titled that in a moment.
Now last time we looked at what it means to build yourself up on your most holy faith, and if you remember weve been talking about how these false teachers have infiltrated the church, and how we need to be discerning and alert so as to not allow them to mislead or tick anyone concerning the true gospel of Jesus Christ and true Biblical doctrine. So tonight we are looking at what Jude tells his readers to do when they encounter either one of these false teachers, or a person in the church who is listening to false teachings.
Friday was September 11th and Im sure we all remember what happened on that day in 2001. And just the other day a man hijacked a plane in Mexico, and NORAD went on high alert. And I dont know about you all, but I dont think we are any safer as a nation then we were in 2001. The reason I say that is because of the nature of these terrorists we are fighting against. See the problem with these terrorists is that they are in our country. Just about every major city in America has an Islamic mosque in it now. And our government spends an incredible amount of money trying to protect us from terrorist. But our problem is that we have people in office that are more concerned with being tolerant than they are about actually protecting the innocent. The nation of Israel has never had a hijacked plane. But then again the Israelis do racial profiling, they have restrictive immigration laws, and they have intense border control. But here we are wide open, and so we have to spend millions and millions of dollars monitoring phone lines, internet activity, buying the newest equipment for airline screeners, making sure that farmers arent buying too much ammonium nitrate. And the reason I say this is because the church is sort of the same. In the church we lack the will or maybe the discernment to do what is necessary to stop these spiritual terrorists. So Jude wrote his letter for this reason. But We are not only to be alert, and be watchful. Jude also says here in our text that we are take action. Were not only to be on the defensive, were not only supposed to just sit and wait for the attacks to come, we are supposed to be pre-emptive.
If we are only reactionary then all we end up doing is damage control. Jesus said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church. Gates are defensive structure. What that means is that when the Church is moving forward, all the powers of hell cannot stop it. We are to be moving forward. We have this word from the Lord that we will be victorious if we are moving forward. We are to be rescuing the perishing.