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Sunday, May 9, 2004
40 DAYS OF PURPOSE - week 3

We welcome you back to 40 Days of Purpose. This is the third week of our series spanning 40 days from April 25 to June 6. We are asking, and seeking the answer to, the question ďWhat on earth am I here for?Ē
We have been a part of this journey for 3 weeks; if you are new to it, we encourage you to get the book The Purpose Driven Life. You can come to the Thursday afternoon small group because we havenít yet covered the first purpose, so you havenít missed anything there.
Last week we started looking at the five purposes. We have been created for five purposes. They are built in. They are innate. They are Godís design. They are power packs in you. They are lights inside of you. They are pistons, you might say. If you fire them up, you will experience what life is all about, and the true joy and contentment that God offers.
It is important for us to realize, though, that we were created. You were not an accident. You did not crawl out of a primordial soup. You were created by God and for God. I think one of the reasons why, as a culture, we have lost our way; why we experience so much confusion, despair and dissatisfaction, a sense of weariness and hopelessness, is our starting point.
We believe and have been taught that life is all about us; we start with ourselves. We look at what will make us happy; that is the wrong starting point. If you go down that road of self, pleasing yourself, you will get lost, and life will be very dissatisfying. It will continue to be confusing for us. If your starting point is God, then it forces you to ask the question, ďGod, why did you put me here?Ē As we discover why God put us here and begin to operate within those five innate purposes, you could say the planets come all in alignment and you experience new life. Life becomes good.

Why has God put us here? Last week we talked about purpose number one Ė we were planned for Godís pleasure. The word pleasure is the word worship. Worship is anything that delights God, anything that puts a smile on Godís face. One of those things is corporate worship, but that is not all there is. We please God with our entire lives, including our work and our roles as long as they serve him.
Today we are looking at purpose number two and you will need your outlines. I encourage you to pull out the outlines that are in your insert. We will be referring to a lot of the verses and I have some things for you to do with those and things to note.

Purpose number two is: you and I were formed for Godís family. Hebrews 2:10a: ďGod is the one who made all things, and all things are for His glory. He wanted to have many children share His gloryÖĒ Ephesians 1:5: ďHis unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ.Ē God desires that family to be rather large. Have any of you seen the movie Cheaper