behind everything, working it out for our good.

Some time we go through hard times, and we cannot understand why the troubles come our way.

But we need to realize and look up into the loving eyes of God and say…. "Lord I Put My Trust In Thee."

Even thou…… I don’t know why troubles has come upon me.

Even thou…… I don’t know what tomorrow may bring.

But I do know that…. "You’re Going To Work It Out For My Good.

Our text today does not say…. that all things will work out for all people.

But… it does say to those who love God … all thing work out for the good.

The promise today is to God Children those who love the Lord and those who are called according to His purpose.

If you’re living in Unrepented sin you can not say, "Things are being worked out for your good.

Things don’t work for your good on the promise of this word…. unless you are loving and living for the Lord.

A Born Again Christian can stand at the casket of a loved one and say good-bye and know that the words of our text today is true.

"All things work for the good of them that love the Lord.

In our hours of deepest sorrow and ….hardest of trials and greatest of temptations, we can know these words are true.

Though we face the hardest things in life, we know that these things cannot change the eternal Word of God.

Out text says "All things" and…. not just some things.

It don’t say the pleasant things and the easy things, it says….. but all things.

We can always see the good things working together for us, but lets look at the bad things working around for our good also.

We cannot see this while bad thing are happening, but some day we will see it.

III. God Has It All Work Out And Your Help Is On The Way.

The Mysteries of Life may Engulf you ….but God has it all work out.

Your Enemies may Assail… you but God has it all.

Your Friends may Desert… you, but God has it all worked out.

Satan may Buffet you and Demons Beset you,….. but God has it all worked out.

Sins may Infest you and Sickness may Weaken you…. but God has it all worked out.

Sorrow may Distress you and Death may Rob you….but God has it all worked out.

Proverty may Threaten you …..but God has it all worked out.

Air Castles may Crumble at your feet, your Dreams may Vanish…. but God has it all worked out.

Your Ship may run on the Reef…. Raging Storms may Sweep down upon you….. but your help is on the way and God has it all worked out.

Dark Cloud may Swallow you…. but all things are working together for your good…. because you love the Lord.

You may not see God working when you’re in your darkest hour and when the demons of hell are all around you.

But when you feel like God has turned His back against you….. He’s still there working things out for you!

When you feel that God’s face is hidden against you….. He’s still busy working things out for you!

If you just hold out until tomorrow everything
Richard Vaughn
March 3, 2007
This was an on time message, I just left the hospital, and my wife has an uncle dying from cancer, a grandmother that they have given 30 days to live, and a aunt that seems to have lost her site, and close friend of mine mother had a heart attack, And a close business associate of mine, father died 2 days ago, and a Pastor that has been a pillar in the community, all in three days. events from Feb 28- Mar 1 2007; But I will look to the hill from which comes my help, my help come from the Lord. Right on time.