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brother! Heíd never get jealous of the things that you had. Jesus would never grab his toys away from you and say, "no! Mine!" Jesus would encourage your parents to place you ahead of him. Well, Jesus is your brother. He didnít grow up in your household like you and your siblings, but he came to the very same earth, had the very same joys, experienced the very same sorrows, all so that he could die for you. You see, God canít die. So God couldnít die on the cross for your sins. But people can die. So a person, the God-Man Jesus died for your sins so that you would be his sister or brother for all eternity.
Part III
Jesus showed his humility in another way: by the kind of work he did. Now we all want the best for our children. We all want them to have bright, successful futures. Looking at our new baby Alethia, maybe sheíll become a surgeon, maybe sheíll be an attorney or judge. Maybe Ali will be a professor, a scientist. But I can tell you, Val and I havenít exactly been dreaming, "wow, wouldnít it be great if some day Ali became...a Shepherdess?" Not the most noble of occupations.

But Jesus chose to be a shepherd. Not a literal one, Jesus never raised sheep as far as we know, but he was a shepherd much like his ancestor David who had very humble beginnings as well. While Davidís brothers were off fighting Philistines and earning for themselves military honors, young David was fighting different battles of his own. To protect helpless sheep, David risked his life, killing ferocious beasts like lions and bears.

And we, the helpless flock of Godís church, need Jesus to be a shepherd for us. For it would be a courageous but stupid sheep who said to his shepherd, "no thanks, I think Iíll take care of this bear on my own." And we would be pretty foolish if we thought that we could handle Satanís attacks on our own. But you donít have to. Jesus is not only your brother, but heís your shepherd, the one looking around, and making sure that no harm comes to your soul. Micah prophesied this work of Jesus when he said, "He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord."
Part IV
Jesus is a ruler from humble beginnings, he is fully human, and heís a shepherd. And Micah says that heís also one other thing: a conqueror.

The end of verse 4 says, "and they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach the ends of the earth." Thereís been a lot of talk about national security in the past few years. People want our government to do everything it can to protect its citizens from violent people. This security includes extra checks at the airports. There are some people suggesting that we station our military troops on our borders to give us more security from violent people illegally sneaking into our country. And while we all want our government to do everything possible it can, in human terms, we can never have perfect security. People make mistakes, people canít possibly know everything thatís going on. People donít
David Freshour
December 9, 2006
Powerful and thought provoking. Hits many felt needs that won't be talked about in most churches at Christmas. It's a winner!