Youíve got to make it

Mark 4:35-41 and the same day when the even was come he saith unto them, letís pass over unto the other side then look at chapter 5:1 and they came over to the other side of the sea
for somebody tonight thatís your word that your Rhema word, thatís what you need to hear tonight.
Iím talking to somebody who has a word from God:
*maybe God told you he was going to save your children.
*maybe he told you your ministry was going to another level of influence and effectiveness.
*Maybe he told you that you were going to meet that husband or wife you been believing for.
*Maybe he told you he was going to bless and prosper you financially, youíre going to get out of debt.
*Youíve got a word from God.
Tell your neighbor: Iíve got a word
(but your word is being challenged).
Is there anybody here who knows their word is being challenged?
Between your word and the other side or (manifestation) youíre going to have to fight the good fight of faith.
I came to help somebody tonight:
I came to tell you that the devil has enough power to challenge your word, but he doesnít have enough power to change your word!
Jesus said (let us go)
*Divine presence (guaranteed).
Thereís something about his presence that makes the difference, he doesnít promise us exemption from problems. But he promises divine presence in the problems.
David said; Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil (for thou art with me)
Moses: was so dependent upon the presence of God, that he said (if your presence does not go with us, donít take us from this place).

strength and honor are in his presence

Psalms 16:11 in his presence is fullness of joy
(I will never leave you nor forsake you)
there are people who start out with you, and they say you can always count on me, Iíll be there for you.
But when things get bad you look around and theyíre either gone or become invisible.
When you got money you got friends, but a real friend is one who is still there when the money is gone.
(If youíve got one real friend you are rich)
Jesus said: Iíll be that friend that sticketh closer than a brother, he was there before you had any money, before your position, before you had a beautiful house, the new car, before you were all dressed up.
He was there when you were in the projects, and you were walking to work, or riding the bus, and you got your clothes from the Goodwill store.
Somebody knows what Iím talking about: when you were trying to decide should I pay my electric bill or should I get some groceries. (He was there)
he promised us, no matter what comes your way in life I will be there with you.
Tell your neighbor: Iíve got a friend.

Our Scripture says: there arose a great storm (a great storm)
*arose: means it came up out of nowhere, no warning, no advance notice, everything was going good, smooth sailing (and all of a sudden) man its in-your-face.