Sermon Series

Simple Money, Rich Life

4-Week Sermon Series Kit

A fresh look at finances and faith

A no-guilt, stress-free sermon series about God's purpose for money in your life. Preach this 4-week series and cover topics like earning, saving, giving, and enjoying the life that God has given.

This sermon series kit includes:

  • 4 Customizable Sermons
  • 6 Sermon Videos, Motions, and Countdowns
  • 5 Promotional Images for Social Media
  • Promotional Video (Share it on Facebook)
  • Presentation Slide Deck
  • Sermon Series Planning Guide (Download Free Sample)
Title Scripture Preview
Week 1: The Battle is His, But We Have to Show Up 2 Chronicles 20 Download Sermon Preview
Week 2: Money is a Terrible Master, But a Great Servant Matthew 6:24, Mark 10:17-27
Week 3: How to Cheerfully Give Away as Much As Possible 2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Week 4: How to Enjoy it All 1 Timothy 6:17-19

Money amplifies character

God wants to create in us a strong, humble character coupled with good habits. Without God's help, more and more money becomes more and more of a problem.
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100% customizable for your church

You get 4 editable sermon manuscripts, ready for you to make them your own. Included media was created by one of the industry’s top producers.

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Simple Money, Rich Life

By Bob Lotich

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A money book for people who don't read money books.

If you are (or are married to someone) like my wife Linda, you probably are thinking "yeah right".

But this is the "judgement-free, enjoy your life, laugh at yourself, & trick everyone into thinking you're the smartest person in the room while still getting to spend money on what you love" type of book.

So go ahead, grab a coffee (and maybe some ice cream) ?? and cozy up. We are going to make this fun, I promise.

"I love this book. If you’re bored with the plethora of teachings out there about money, saving and giving, or think you’ve heard it all, Bob Lotich will surprise you."
Carey Nieuwhof, Bestselling Author of At Your Best, Podcaster and Speaker