Summary: There are some things the Bible says we should hate. They’re the same things that God hates.


A) One of the favorite sayings of compromisers is that we don’t have any love!

* They say, “What you folk need is more love.” * I want to turn that around today.

* They say we need more love ... Today I’m preaching “You Need More Hate In Your Life.”

B) You cannot love if you don’t hate ... Did you know the Bible says that God hates?

* God has every emotion that you and I have! * God is love, but God is hate too.

* God is jealous ... God has every emotion that the human nature can have.

C) What we need in our church is hate ... What you need in your life is hate!

* The more hate you have, the more love you will have.

* Your capacity to love is based on your capacity to hate.

* If you have no capacity to hate, then you have no capacity to love.

D) For instance ... You cannot love flowers and not hate weeds!

* If you love flowers, you have to hate weeds! * Why?

* Because the weeds will destroy that which you love! * All of us must learn to hate that which

will destroy us, destroy our loved ones, and destroy our walk with God.

* It is impossible to have true love without hate!

E) You can’t love health without hating disease!

* I hate cancer ... I hate disease ... WHY? Because I love health!

F) We can’t love God without hating satan! * I hate the devil!!!

* I look forward to the day we see that rascal cast into the lake of fire!

* Why? Because I hate him! * I won’t even put a capital “S” on his name!

* I hate what he does ... Who he hurts ... I hate everything about him!

* I could not love God if I didn’t hate the devil ... The more I love God, the more I hate the devil!

G) Our capacity to love God and to love what God loves is based on our capacity to hate the

things God hates and that He doesn’t like!

* We need more hate in our lives and in our churches if we’re gonna please God.

* Don’t claim that you have love if you don’t hate. * The truth is, one loves as much as he hates!

* That’s why the preacher that gets up, names sin by name, calls it what it is, preaches at it, and

tries to help you with your life, and tries to tell you what you should do .......

* Loves you more than somebody who doesn’t have the guts to tell you the truth!

H) That is what we must learn again today!

* We have come to the place to realize that truth is truth, and it must be given whether you call it

love or not! * GIVING TRUTH IS LOVE!

I) The capacity to love is determined by the capacity to hate!

* The more a mother loves her child, the more she will hate the cancer that takes its life!

* The more a mother hates the cancer, the more she will love her child.

* The more a Christian loves God determines how much he hates sin and the things that are

anti-Christ! * If you love God, you must hate sin!

J) If you got to hating sin and hell enough, you might believe in witnessing!

* If you got to hating drugs and alcohol that destroys kids lives enough, you might be concerned

about people and where they are going and their spiritual condition.

K) What should the Christian hate? * I believe we should hate everything God hates!

* That would be safe to say, wouldn’t it? * I might hate the wrong thing .......

* But if I hate what God hates, then I know I’m on the right track!

* Ecc. 3:8 “A time to love, and a time to hate;” * Now what does God hate? * The Bible tells us.

(1) FOUND IN PSALM 101:3!

A) We shouldn’t set anything before our eyes to lust!

* That is good advise, but there’s something worse ... Look at the rest of the verse .......

* What is the Bible saying? * We should hate quitting!

* Why don’t you make up your mind to hate what God hates, and God says He hates a quitter!

B) He hates you quitting the choir ... Teaching children’s church ... Nursery ... Your position ...

* He hates your quitting on those who are counting on you ... He hates your turning your back on

them ... That is the thing we ought to hate today ... HATE QUITTING – HATE QUITTING!!!

* Get to the point that it makes you sick to even say the words, “I quit.”

C) That’s why when you start serving God, you ought to keep on serving God .......

* Keep on doing what you’re supposed to be doing, because God hates quitting! * Did you hear? * God hates it ... God hates it ... The Bible says it right there!

* If God hates quitting, we ought to hate it ... If God hates turning back, we ought to hate turning


(2) FOUND IN PSALM 119:104! * God is saying that we should hate every false way!

A) We ought to hate the detestable doctrine of the mormons!

* We ought to hate anyone that takes away the deity of Christ (satan and Jesus were brothers)

* We ought to despise the doctrine of Jehovah’s false witnesses!

* We ought to hate the doctrine of Roman Catholicism that says Mary is the mediator between God

and men, and that salvation is in the church, not in the shed blood of Christ!

B) The more you love this Book, the more you will hate every false way!

* The more you hate every false and evil way, the more you will love this Book!

* Every time you see mormons riding their bicycles, it ought to make you mad!

* Whenever you see Jehovah’s false witnesses coming, it ought to upset you and make you mad

and get your blood boiling!

* WHY? Because we ought to hate every false way ... God hates it, and we should too!

(3) FOUND IN AMOS 5:21! * “I hate, I despise your feast days,” * What is He saying?

A) God is saying, “I hate dead religion!” * He hates a prayer life that’s not sincere!

* He hates sloppy service ... We come to church, open our songbooks and sing .......

* Sit here and hear the preaching, fellowship with each another, and the whole time we get

nothing out of it, and nothing happens in our hearts and in our lives!

* You may have come in here feeling lousy, but there ought to be something pumping in your

veins right now ... Something should be exciting you and stirring in your heart right now!

* WHY? Because you are hearing the truth and hearing the Word of God!

* When you hear songs about Jesus and heaven, it ought to do something for you!

(4) FOUND IN ZECH. 8:17! * Who are you mad at? * Who do you not like, or are hating?

A) God says that He hates it! * It’s wrong to let anyone control your emotions!

* You are responsible to God for controlling your emotions!

* That means that you’re supposed to love what you decide to love!

B) You don’t fall in love ... You decide to love! * When marriage ends in divorce .......

* Does the couple fall out of love? * No ... They decided not to love each other anymore!

* You also decide to hate ... God says He hates an evil heart against your neighbor, or fellowman.

C) We are even commanded to love our enemies – Matt. 5:44 “But I say unto you, Love ...”

* We’re supposed to let God take care of our enemies, not we ourselves – Rom. 12:19-21 ...

* “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather ... Therefore if thine ... Be not ...”


A) That’s part 1 of my message today ... You need more hate in your life!

* We need to hate quitting ... Hate every false way ... Feast Days (Dead religion)

* We need to be excited and stirred when we come to the house of God to worship Him!

B) God hates it when we don’t love people, no matter who they are!

* Love your neighbor ... We are to even love our enemies! * You need more hate in your life!