Summary: Shows how Jesus taught the church to pray in the face of injustice and discouragement.

Pray . . . Until Jesus Returns

(Luke 18:1-8)

1. Consistent praying is our primary weapon against

discouragement. (v.1)

We ought to pray consistently because we are weak

without prayer.

Lesson: Rely on God’s weapon!

2. Specific praying is a mark of a deepening walk with God. (v. 3)

We ought to pray specifically to give God glory when He answers our prayers.

Lesson: Rely on God’s Word for confirmation!

3. Bold & persistent praying believes the only thing

that matters is the power of our God not the size

of our problems. (v.2-3)

We ought to pray boldly because we are God’s


Lesson: Rely on God’s power! .

4. Expectant praying believes answers may just be

around the corner. (v.4-5)

We ought to pray expectantly because God delights

to give us good gifts.

Lesson: Rely on God’s timing!

5. Confident praying sees God’s character as key to

His response. (v.6-7)

We ought to pray confidently because God’s answer

is always the best.

Lesson: Rely on God’s character!

6. Kingdom-focused praying is an evidence of our

faith in Christ’s return. (v.8)

We ought to pray perseveringly because it pleases


Lesson: Rely on God’s promises!


Let us pray:







until JESUS Returns!