Summary: If you know what it is to hate your old carnal nature and desire to live a life of righteousness, then this passage is for you!

Beware of a Rebellious Heart

Jude 8-13

PROPOSITION: Because Christ provides victory over sin, you must guard your heart from bondage to your old carnal nature.

I. Rely on the Word of God. v. 8-9

A. The unsaved live in bondage to their imaginations. (8)

1. They trust in their own wisdom.

2. They reject the wisdom of God.

B. The saved live in the liberty of God’s Word. (9)

1. They trust in the power of God.

2. They rely on the intervention of God.

II. Embrace the God of the Word. v. 10-11

A. The unsaved (F.T) slander spiritual things. (10)

1. By how they speak -- out of spiritual ignorance.

2. By how they live – walking in the pathway of destruction.

B. The unsaved are under the condemnation of God. (11)

1. They are self-willed and proud.

2. They are envious and greedy.

III. Be conformed to the character of God. v. 12-13

A. False teachers are a danger to the Christian. (12a)

1. They corrupt others with false teachings.

2. They fail to feed the sheep.

B. False teachers live a vain life. (12b-13a)

1. Their teaching produces no spiritual fruit.

2. Their teaching (words or deeds) leads others astray.

C. False Teachers suffer eternal doom. (13b)