Summary: We are no longer in charge to the bonds this world has on us. You can be freed, if you’d only turn away from the sin and flee to Christ.

Romans, Part 17

Romans 6:1-7


- Continuing on in Chapter 6, we encounter specific instructions for our lives

- Paul begins to outline the way we should live; expounding on Rom 5:20-21

- It is in these principles … we (Gentiles) should pay very close attention too

- Read Romans 6:1-7 / Pray

Point 1 – What then? (1-4)

- What we now see Paul doing is turning the focus of his teaching to “what’s next”

- God declares the sinner righteous in His eyes once they have come to Christ

- But what we will see in Chapters 6-8 is that this is a process; not automatic

- The process Paul is going to define is called “sanctification”

-- Being transformed into the likeness of Christ; but not automatically

- 5:20 shows us that where sin increased; we also see (NEED) Grace to expound

- The deeper our sin is, the more we need to receive God’s Grace in our lives

-- Simply stated: The more we mess up – the more God needs to work on us

- We are a work in process; we’ve not automatically arrived, and we won’t either

- What we see Paul teaching from 6-8 is very important for the Gentile

- It is the baseline of how we grow in Christ; prayerfully we’ll heed his example

- V1 begins with a rhetorical question; not really expecting an answer

-- As if to say: Since we are now forgiven, we get to live like we want, right?

-- Of course not … and Paul clearly answers this for those who are thinking it

- However, there is something else going on; something that we see TODAY

Consider the worldly argument to this same logic: “If sin brings grace, and lots of sin brings lots more grace, shouldn’t we sin as much as possible in order to keep the Grace flowing from Heaven?”

- Then, it gets another twist: “We know that cannot be true, so then, the doctrine of Grace must be false and should be abandoned.”

- APP: With just a slight twist of the intention, we’ve created a logical argument against God’s Grace and why it was given to us

- This is what we must be on the lookout for; and it is why Paul doesn’t leave room

-- “May it never be” = “Absolutely not!”

- Then, he closes the door on interpretation by reminding us of what we’ve done

- V3 reminds us of the sacrament of Baptism; following Christ into death

- We are now identified with Christ; brought into a fellowship with Him

-- Baptism (Greek word baptizo) literally means “to submerge or to immerse”

-- When we are baptized we are completely immersed, no more holding onto us

- APP: It is a complete transformation that shows others we surrender all we have

- Identification allows you and I to have a part in everything that is God’s

-- It’s (if I may) – the ultimate back stage pass, it is the key to unlocking all doors

- APP: Without identification, we cannot be called Children of God

- TRANS: Once we are baptized with Him, we are then united with Him

Point 2 – United Eternally with Christ (5-7)

- Key Point:

-- IF we have been united with Him in death

-- THEN we will be united with Him in His resurrection (life)

Tierce Green song, “No Longer Mine but Yours”

Gal 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.”


- If we are dead, sin no longer has a hold on us

- We are no longer in charge to the bonds this world has on us

- This is incredibly comforting for those who are struggling right now with sin

- You can be freed, if you’d only turn away from the sin and flee to Christ

-- APP: It is what brings us sanctification -- we’ve been identified with Jesus!

- Pray